Sonja Morgan Launches ‘Sonja In The City’ Podcast; Hear Tidbits From Her First Show

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Sonja Morgan is all about diversifying your business portfolio, but she doesn’t often diversify to fruition (invisible toaster oven, anyone?). In the latest, Sonja announced that she is staring a ‘Sonja in the City’ podcast. 

The Real Housewives Of New York star shares that she is partnering with famed chef Pace Webb to participate in a lifestyle podcast aptly named Sonja in the City, where Sonja will chime in on Society & Culture. Why – do we need more delusional musings about the many moons ago when she was Lady Morgan, highfalutin manor hostess entertaining the likes of Lord Grantham and Lady Mary?

Sonja’s podcast will be available on Play.It, a new podcast network, which will also feature shows on a variety of lifestyle and entertainment topics from well-known hosts. Sonja promises her show will contain “laughs, a lot of tears…and a lot of fashion tips.”


The first episode, in which Sonja discussed her love of astrology, how divorce changed her, dating, and how Bill Gates is her idol contained lots of um… illuminating tips. 

On Her Business Model:

“I think I’m a cross between Martha Stewart, Hello Dolly and Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, if that makes any sense… [I’m a] Sagittarian with a Pisces moon and a Gemini rising. I’m crazy into astrology. I’m nuts for psychics.” 

Of course, with such a complicated self-identification process, it’s only natural that Sonja has several equally conflicting mentors. Most of whom she’s never met, or who would immediately change their number if she ever got it! “Some of my mentors growing up were Julia Child, Coco Chanel, Diana Vreeland [infamous American Vogue editor from the 50’s and 60’s],” Sonja gushes.

“One of my current mentors would be Tom Ford,” Sonja explains. “People who have taken some disadvantages and turned them into their own advantages just be being themselves.” Tom Ford also makes a golden penis necklace it should be noted.

Sonja’s principal advice for success: “Not listening to the naysayers [and] having big dreams and making them come true.”

On What Sonja Learned From Divorce: 

“I consider myself more of a creative artist type. After our divorce, I had to throw those training wheels off and become everything for my little girl,” Sonja says. “I learned now how to manage multiple lawyers, accountants on my own, and run my houses on my own, so astrology’s helped me through that.”

“I’m not going to say I don’t have a strong ego and a sense of pride. I had to learn after my divorce and financial difficulties and not having the five houses and the yacht and treating everyone else and being the hostess with the mostess, to let other people help me and that was a real life shift for me.” Errrrmmmm… “financial difficulties” appears to be an understatement. Learning also appears to be an understatement. 

However she is now embracing her reduced financial circumstances – somewhat. “Accessories are a girl’s best friend,” Sonja acknowledged, “especially when you’ve sold all of your diamonds just to get through the month. That’s the way to go.”

Speaking of which, Sonja also shares her love of a good bargain! “So for a two to three week period I’ll maybe might throw a blazer on with a turtleneck and put on my favorite jeans,” she explains. Does she wash them? I’m gonna go with no, being that her townhouse suffers from water issues.

“I’ll go to Joe Fresh and pick up a $19 pair of jeans and they’ll look fabulous. But I also like these American Eagle [jeans]. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’ll wear them from anywhere from a red carpet to the Berkshires to my yoga retreats,” Sonja asserts of thrifty shopping. “I’ll tell you they changed my life. So that’s one of my secrets when I’m in between dress sizes.”

On Sonja’s Fashion Must-Haves (besides Sharpies and Penis Pendants).

“I think a monogram says ‘I’ve made it.’ It says, ‘I’ve arrived. I’m here. This is my place.'” 

Sonja On Being Ready For Love Again. (Age-range subjective!)

“I’m looking forward to some positive things. And maybe some love in my future. I never have a problem dating, as you know. But maybe someone a little more permanent would be nice.” Yes, and a lot less Harry Dubin

However Sonja’s New Year’s Resolution when it comes to dating: “Only one boy at a time. That’s why there’s gay boys for those off nights.”

Why do I feel like Sonja is trying to market herself as an aged and wizened Holly Golightly, you know years after she was living in a one-bedroom walkup with Cat and a trench coat, but still dealing with absolute beasts? Come to think of it that’s kind of a fun direction for Sonja to go in… 

You can listen to Sonja’s podcast here. Thank you Bravo Dish for the transcript. 


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