Photos: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5 Premiere Party – Brandi Glanville Skips!

RHOBH season 5 premiere party without brandi glanville

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills just held their season 5 premiere party with one noticeable absentee: Brandi Glanville! Yep, she skipped the party. 

So, where was Brandi? In Australia! And why would Brandi be in Australia the week her reality show premieres, thus skipping the premiere party? Is it because she does not get along with any of her castmates?

Kyle Richards posted a series of photos on twitter and instagram, that show even ‘extra’ Camille Grammer was present. Kyle also posted a ‘cast photo’ of the ladies, in which she tagged the entire cast – except Brandi! “The #RHOBH girls #season5.” Nor did anyone tweet a ‘missing Brandi at the season 5 premiere party’ type comment!


It’s no secret that sometimes frienemies, sometimes enemies Kyle and Brandi presently aren’t getting along, but has Brandi really fractured her relationship so severely with the entire cast? The preview shows she is definitely behind the majority of the drama this season – and she also slaps Lisa Vanderpump – who said they were working past their issues. Hmmmm… 

A source tells the Inquisitor, “The women have done nothing but fight every time they are together. And when they aren’t all together, they all talk behind each other’s backs.”

Perennial famewhore Taylor Armstrong even tweeted about the situation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.45.33 AM

Kyle and her sister, Kim, are really not getting along, and she’s fighting with Brandi,” the source shares. Adding that Kyle is also having issues with Lisa Rinna

It seems that Lisa VP and Kyle have made amends. Earlier this week, VP posted this cryptic tweet: “Gives a whole new meaning to gobsmacked @KyleRichards At least she gave you the heads up.” I assume she’s referring to Brandi commenting that she wanted to slap Kyle, like she slapped Lisa! 

Despite the drama, the ladies seemed to come together for the premiere party without drama! Interestingly, Kyle and Kim posed on opposite ends of the picture and there are no photos of them together! I mean, maybe Kyle is understandably pissed that Kim’s savage dog attacked her daughter, which is like the fifth person Kingsley has attacked

I would say this is Splits McHairflips season of redemption, but then nah – she’s still up to her same old attention-seeking, two-faced, catty shenanigans. As for Brandi, I’m thinking the a name poem of her name would go like this: 

B – But I Was Just Speaking “My Truth”

R – Really, Really Needs Attention

A – Accountability? What’s that?

N – Needs An Intervention

D – Drunk 

I – Immature

Photos of the RHOBH premiere party are below! 

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills premiers TUESDAY, November 18th at 9/8c. 


[Photo Credits: Instagram & Twitter]