Does Claudia Jordan Have A Sex Tape? Her Ex-Boyfriend Says Yes!

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Remember last week when we shared a blind item about a Real Housewife who was about to leak a sex tape? And remember how we said Claudia Jordan‘s laptop had been stolen and that seemed mighty suspicious. Well, turns out sometimes we be reading minds – or minds be reading Reality Tea! Either way…  

Claudia’s ex-boyfriend is speaking out and insisting that not only does the Real Housewife Of Atlanta star have a sex tape, but that she staged her car robbery and the stolen laptop as a convenient excuse for said sex-tape being leaked. 


Claudia’s ex, one Mr. Joel Randell, insists that in 2013 they filmed raunchy sex tapes in Punta Cana. “There are three separate tapes of one particular evening,” he revealed, stating that each clip was about 10 minutes long and they were shot using Claudia’s iPad. Joel insists he’s never had a copy of their on-screen romps, but he and Claudia watched them together. 

The couple was together for 4 months, which Joel describes as “great” but then things “exploded” so he and Claudia called it quits. “Our breakup ended in a horrible fight, and we haven’t spoken since,” he recalls.

Since the breakup, Joel, who is a professional model and writer who works for Maxim Magazine as a research editor, has moved on, of course, but last week after hearing that Claudia’s car was broken into and her laptop stolen, he remembered the sex tapes and started to get concerned! 

“After the reported ‘robbery’ of her laptop from her car last week, it became clear to me that Claudia is likely planning to leak the tapes,” Joel believes. “The car break-in was staged. She would never in a million years leave her laptop in her car unattended.”

“She’s on her laptop constantly, and she has way too much personal information on it,” Joel informs Radar Online. “She’s probably planning to leak it to bolster her storyline on RHOA.” Yikes! That’s some sort of accusation. Does Joel want to be sued for “slanderous comments”?

While Joel does acknowledge the acts were filmed, he states that he will absolutely not give his consent to release them unless the money is right – and if Claudia attempts to she’ll find herself in a courtroom! Hey now there’s a RHOA storyline! “If the tapes are leaked, or even if screen grabs with images of me come out, I’m suing Claudia AND the outlet who posts them for defamation,” he makes clear.

That’s Joel below!

Claudia Jordan's ex-boyfriend Joel Randell accuses her of trying to leak a sex tape

This isn’t the first time Claudia has faced accusations of sex tapes. Furthermore, there is also a report that castmates are tired of her constant attention-seeking and Claudia joined RHOA to bolster her career at any expense. “Everything about her is fake,” says a source. “She isn’t being sincere at all.” The source adds Claudia has made enemies all over Atlanta with her blatant social climbing. Hmmm… that sounds a bit far-reaching, to me! 

Claudia responded on twitter to Joel’s allegations.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.43.55 PM

“Dear Parasite… my laptop was stolen… NOT my iPad… tread lightly. Don’t get yourself arrested… again.” Claudia added. Parasites? Or skeletons?

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.05.39 PM


Aaaahhh… when one famewhore comes in contact with another! In all actuality I did a little “check my charges!” googling on Joel and he seems like he has a really interesting life. 


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