Claudia Jordan Is Robbed! Alleges NeNe Leakes Cheated On Gregg – Video

Claudia Jordan Teal Mini Dress

Claudia Jordan just moved to Atlanta and was robbed! Don’t worry – it wasn’t her apartment (because she didn’t have anything to take as you recall, she’s was serving wine in Solo Cups and sitting on the floor atop a Target rug). 

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star shared on instagram that her car was broken into and featured a photo of the smashed in windows. Claudia’s laptop was taken – hopefully there wasn’t anything too naughty on there! (steamy photos with Atlanta’s favorite sometimes bachelor Roger Bobb?!) – and she is offering a cash reward for whomever returns it. 


claudia jordan's car is robbed - rhoa

“Wow….they stole my laptop. Devastated. $$$ Reward for whoever returns it- no questions asked and no charges will be pressed,” Claudia announced. “I just need my computer for work. Police said my car was the 3rd car in 40 minutes.” 

That sucks – sorry about that, Claudia

Moving on Claudia is taking her feud with NeNe Leakes next level. The two had icy interactions on this week’s episode, and next week a showdown occurs in which Claudia compares NeNe’s weave to RamenNoodles. 

Kandi Burruss recently aired Claudia’s appearance on Kandi Koated Nights where Claudia has much more shade to spread thick on NeNe – including insinuating that Mrs. Leakes may have cheated on Gregg! Would Gregg even notice from his trollspot in the basement?

In next week’s episode NeNe will accuse Claudia of being a slut who “f–ked all of Hollywood.” And Claudia is not taking that accusation lying down (pun intended!).

Claudia’s response: “NeNe likes to make scenes because that’s what she’s good at doing – I dunno, maybe to distract from her life – I’ve never had whorish behavior. I’ve never cheated on my husband and I’ve never done a pole. So who’s the real whore here?”

 “You wanna throw allegations around, but really you need to look at your own life! If you have a clean slate, feel free to fire shots, but be prepared for what’s gonna come back at you!,” Claudia warns. “I won’t start shit, but, damn, I will finish it. And you’re not gonna like it, cause it won’t be pretty!” Where have we heard such sentiments before? Why from Krayonce, of course (Don’t come for me…) 

You can see the video of Claudia discussing NeNe below!  Shoutout to Tamara Tattles for posting the vid.

These rumors have been around before – including that before NeNe and Gregg were separated she was getting frisky with NFL player Charles Grant. Of course, while NeNe and Gregg,  were separated they were constantly together, prompting rumors that their divorce was both a storyline ruse and a way for NeNe to evade losing assets to Gregg’s bankruptcy and tax debts. The reason for their divorce was rumored to be that Gregg cheated on NeNe with several younger ladies!

The couple publicly remarried, and have seemed happy if anything because Gregg is now NeNe’s leashed on lacky, so is this a NEW allegation that NeNe is cheating or is Claudia just throwing out old rumors to prove a point? 


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