Carlton Gebbia Chats With Brandi Glanville On Latest Podcast; Would Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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Brandi Glanville’s podcast guest this week was her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Carlton Gebbia.  The two dished on Carlton’s time on the show, her support of Brandi during Celebrity Apprentice and much more!

Brandi starts out thanking Carlton because out of all of the Housewives that she called during Celebrity Apprentice, she’s the only one to donate money!  But then she says that Carlton and Yolanda were the only two she called and Yolanda couldn’t get the money to her in time because of the time constraints.  

Carlton shares that she feels validated that Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump both agreed that she got a really bad edit on the show last season.  Carlton was happy that Andy apologized about it.  

Brandi says that everyone gets a certain edit.  Carlton was the sexy witch, Brandi is the drunk, and it’s not fair.  Carlton agrees, saying that it showed her very one dimensional. She says to watch it unfold was disappointing because they did shoot some great stuff with her daughters and husband.  Brandi says that it’s hard to realize all the stuff they leave out that would explain why they do/say certain things.

Brandi asks Carlton if she’d return because she could use a friend.  Carlton says “Yes, I would.  After Andy being public about it and he said he put it in his book as well.  I absolutely would.”  

Brandi asks if it was a positive experience, is she getting recognized or getting jobs because of it?  “Yes, it was a positive experience because it was my own experience.  It was my journey.”  Carlton says she met some incredible people on Twitter.  Brandi says she’s afraid to meet her Twitter friends because she’s afraid what it’d be like. Carlton has met about four people from her Twitter follwers.

Brandi shares that fans are disappointed that Carlton didn’t come back.  and she admits that she rallied for Carlton to return, but wasn’t even sure if they’d ask HER to return, either.

Carlton says that at first she stayed in semi-contact with Yolanda Foster and Lisa Vanderpump (and Brandi) but it fizzled out after a bit. She thinks Lisa is just busy with her businesses, etc.  and it’s offended that they don’t talk lately.

Brandi shares that for all the hate she gets on Twitter, people who approach her in person are very nice. She did say that a guy at the Laker game the other night asked for a picture but then insulted how crazy her face is looking.  

Brandi then gushes about Carlton having a ton of money and truly living the luxury life and says that some of the other ladies don’t have that at all, besides Lisa and Yolanda. Carlton was disappointed that they didn’t show very much of her house and cars, etc.  Not to sound materialistic, but Brandi chimes in to agree because that is what people tune in for – the private planes and the fancy houses, etc.  

Brandi then shares that the show is a double edged sword.  On one hand you get ridiculed but on the other, it gives you a platform to promote other products and books.  you have to take the good with the bad.

Carlton shares that she didn’t hold anything back.  She thinks when others start editing themselves and keeping things back, “where’s the bloody reality, then?”   Brandi agrees and says that some turn into someone else as soon as cameras start rolling.  

Carlton has no regrets about doing RHOBH.  

Carlton’s husband David just shot a pilot for a show featuring the stock market “but sexy”.  She said it’s a little bit of a female “Wolf of Wall Street.”  

Carlton shares that she’s taking a break from drinking because it makes her feel so sluggish and negative the next day and makes her skin look like crap.  Brandi admits that she gets dark circles under her eyes when she has drinks at night. So if she has an event the next morning, she skips drinks.  Brandi is also thinking of joining the gym that Carlton belongs to.  And dishes on how good looking everyone at the gym is.

Brandi then whines about how hard it is on the show right now with nobody there who is her friend besides Kim and Yolanda.  She thinks that she and Kim bond because they’re the only ones without husbands.  Brandi says that the ladies are actually more respectful to her when she brings a date to events. 

Also on the show was Carlton’s BFF, author Colet Abedi, who has written several books (Mad Love, FAE), and reveals that FAE is being turned into a new YA franchise on the big screen.  She chatted with Brandi about her books and the movie option, etc.  Brandi shared that her own movie option for her book fell through.   Colet then dished about her second book being essentially held hostage by her publisher, Jay McGraw (the son of “Dr.” Phil).  (On a weird side note, I also learned recently that Jay launched the website Rumor Fix in 2010).  Colet says that her agent and editor have been in the business for more than 30 years and have never experienced a crazy situation like this.  I’m sure her fans are frustrated, too, waiting around for the sequel!  Brandi wants to make it her mission to find out WHY they refuse to release the book and don’t want to give it back to Colet so she can go elsewhere with it.


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