Brandi Glanville Talks Terrell, Wine Tossing And Kenya Moore In Her New Podcast; Takes Mason To Lakers Game

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Brandi Glanville’s latest podcast touched on a few recent bits of gossip.  On Brandi Glanville Unfiltered she dished on that Jeff Lewis wine toss, fighting with Terrell Owens on Celebrity Apprentice and seeing Kenya Moore at the Golden Globes after parties. 

Brandi started off the podcast talking about how surprised she is at the amount of footage cut from each episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  She says it was a ton of work and she was working her butt off the whole time, even though it may not look that way from the edited cut.   

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star then explained that she and Terrell Owens are in a bit of a Twitter and texting war.  Brandi shared that she and Terrell got into a texting fight on Monday night.  She says they ran into each other at a Golden Globes party and he wasn’t very nice to her.   Then he was on Twitter making fun of her looks. “What grown ass man goes on Twitter and talks shit about a woman’s looks? He says I have to go under the knife to look pretty, unlike Kenya.”  She continued, “Why go there? You’re a dude, you’re a man.  So I  texted him and said ‘Why are you doing this? You’re a grown ass man, you’re hot. It’s not a hot look, you’re acting like a little bitch.’  So, we had a little text off.  I do like Terrell, but I feel like some of his choices are poor.”  

Brandi says Terrell tried flirting with her in the beginning on Celebrity Apprentice because he was trying to manipulate her, but she saw right through that.  She then explains that Terrell was being mean and bumping into her on purpose during the wedding dress fundraiser on CA, but it wasn’t shown on the episode.  She calls it “super stressful” and that it was part of the reason she had a panic attack.  

Brandi shared that she ran into Kenya Moore at the Golden Globe Awards after party and they politely exchanged hellos and went their separate ways. 

Brandi then turns the conversation to her appearance on Watch What Happens Live last week.  The one with the wine toss and the fake cry.  Brandi says that she and Jeff wanted to see if they could prank Andy. She swears the whole thing was set up ahead of time.  Brandi claims she and Jeff were just trying to joke with Andy.  She says she told Jeff to say something mean to her so she could justify throwing the wine at him like he wanted.  She then says the stuff Jeff said was true and she can take it.  Brandi admits that she was a little disappointed that Jeff nor Andy took to Twitter until this past Monday to defend what she claims happened. They finally said on Twitter that, yes, it was a prank.  Brandi also revealed that Andy was upset about the whole ordeal and so she apologized to him.  And she apologized to her Twitter people.  She swears it was just for fun and they just wanted to see if they could do it.  

Her producer asks if she had any feedback about her performance on CA.  Brandi says that Housewives fans take things very seriously (understatement of the century in some cases), so some of Kenya’s supporters have been giving her a little grief on Twitter.  She says 75% of Twitter is mean and she just hops on and replies to the nice people and hops off.  

Brandi did go on for a long time about freedom of speech and celebrity and taking the criticism and not suing people for not liking you and for things that they say about you.  It was a little shocking that Brandi was so reasonable it all.  If you want to take a listen to the podcast, check it out here

In other Brandi news, she earned some cool mom points last night.  She took Mason to the Lakers game – complete with floor seats courtesy of her PodcastOne boss.  “@NormPattiz best boss ever! Mason thinks I’m a rock star thanks for our floor Laker seats!!!”

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Photo Credit: Noel Vasquez/GC Images  and Charles Sykes/Bravo