Porsha Williams Dishes On Brandi Glanville’s Podcast; Brandi Jokes About Beating Crap Out Of Kyle Richards?; Bashes Kenya Moore And Much More!

 Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville was in her usual form this week on her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star blasted Kyle Richards, chatted with Porsha Williams about her demotion on Real Housewives of Atlanta and so, so, so much more. 

Brandi had three sets of guests on her hour long podcast today (which aired a day earlier than usual, but it sounds like she may have yet another one posted tomorrow, too).  First up was her hair dresser Mark who dished with her on Kyle since he sees all of the behind the scenes drama while the show is filming.  He also shared a blip about losing weight during a divorce, to which Brandi quipped that she needed to lose some weight, too.  The delusion is strong. 

She then gets straight into bashing co-star Kyle.  “I have something to say about Kyle Richards.  She’s a bitch. On Watch What Happens Live, which I did not watch on purpose because I knew I would Tweet it and say something that I would regret.  She said that I have nothing to do with her family the Hiltons.  That’s funny because I was at Kathy Hilton’s holiday party with Kim and you weren’t there, bitch! I don’t even know if you got the invite. So, having said that, yeah. She can suck it.” 

Brandi adds that Kyle is in Utah right now with her boyfriend and she said she wouldn’t go along because she didn’t want to be under the same roof as Kyle and Mauricio.  “There’s no cameras, I’m gonna beat the crap out of her.”  Brandi’s friend (hairdresser) says “wait, she goes on vacation without cameras?”  and Brandi says “I know, right? Yachts and planes are nice but family is everything – except Kim and Kathy.”  Ouch!  They bring up Kyle mentioning that we’ll find out this week what she does to Brandi.  Brandi’s response?  “You’re 4’11, bitch, you didn’t do shit.” 

Porsha Williams calls in to chat with Brandi about RHOA.  They gushed over each other’s shows, Brandi claims it’s the only show she DVRs besides Pokeman for her boys.  Then Brandi whined about having to watch RHOBH because it was reliving it again and again and then yet again at the reunion. 

Brandi says to Porsha, “first, my gaygent wanted me to tell you he loves you and you have the best mugshot in the whole world.”  Porsha says she was NOT happy about it (the mugshot).  Brandi then dives in and says she’s very mad to hear that Porsha is now only a “friend of” on RHOA. “They made the change toward the end of the season.”  Brandi says “wait, you were in the middle of the season when that happened?”  Porsha corrects her that it was at the end.  Brandi says “you’re on the show just as much as everybody else!” Porsha agrees.  “Yeah, that’s what Team Porsha talks about on Twitter and Instagram.”  They’re all upset about her losing her peach. 

Brandi says “you and I have to talk about Kenya.”  Porsha says that they heard and talked about Kenya/Brandi on Dish Nation and says that Kenya maybe tried to apologize to Brandi.  She asks Brandi for the scoop. Brandi is glad to share,  “She’s just straight up evil. I had to do  Apprentice with  her.”  She says that watching her on RHOA she knew Kenya was good TV, but meeting her and working with her was something else. 

Brandi adds, “I have to tell you something I said to her.  She left to go film the reunion and that’s when everything happened with you and her, which was so exciting for me.”  Brandi says Kenya got to leave during a task to go film the reunion and then when she got back she “was freaking out and calling lawyers and asking Geraldo all this stuff and so during one task when we had to pretend fight, I said ‘don’t make me beat your ass like Porsha did’.”  Porsha says “oh my God. That makes the second time.  NeNe said it and now you. Y’all are crazy.”  Brandi says “you know what though, she was mean, she is evil.  All of the people in the background working on Apprentice were playing it on a loop of you taking her down. Because EVERYONE didn’t like her.” 

Porsha reiterates that she did not enjoy that (yanking Kenya down).  She says “some part of me wants to believe that it (Kenay’s personality) IS just for the show, but we’re going on three years of someone being the exact same way in their nature and just being evil and just negative.”  Brandi adds that we’re going to see on CA that she is straight up evil and she showed her true colors. Brandi then tells Porsha she thinks Kenya provoked her with the scepter and she would’ve done the same thing Porsha did.

You can tell Porsha doesn’t want to talk about it again.  “That was a crazy crazy situation and I’m glad it’s over and I thought we put it behind us. As you saw, we hugged it out.  But as you can see, it wasn’t (over).” 

Brandi says that she doesn’t think Kenya will ever be over it.  And mentions that it seems like it’s divided into teams now on Atlanta.  Porsha says she doesn’t get into the labels/teams.  “All of us are grown women.  We’re very much individuals. Nobody is following anybody.  We all react to what we get and it just naturally happened that it fell that way and Puerto Rico really set it apart.”  Brandi says it’s the same on BH and that it kind of changes every season.  Porsha says “It honestly was weird because I kept myself open to the group. I’ve been on the show for three years and I haven’t had that “ride or die” person every year. NeNe had Cynthia and Kandi had Phaedra and I never had that. At the end of the day I guess I ended up on Team Real because I’m just not for making up petty drama and neither is Phaedra, NeNe or Kandi.”

Brandi asks, “did I see Claudia taking a selfie with Kordell? What the eff?”  Porsha says “yeah, I saw something at the end of last week’s episode. It’s wrong on her, but as far as affecting me, it doesn’t. I think it really looks bad for her. At the end of the day, there’s a girl code and she’s definitely breaking that.  If we were friends, I would be affected and if I cared about Kordell, I would be affected, but I don’t so.  I feel sorry for how she’s making herself look on national TV. ” 

Brandi says it looks desperate for both of them to do that for that cameras.  Porsha quips, “he put the battery pack on, he put the mic on. He new the cameras were right there.  He didn’t even want to do the show and ..”  Brandi calls him a little bitch. “That is not a cool move.  It makes them both look bad, ” Brandi adds. 

Brandi wants to know if she really didn’t get anything in the divorce.  Porsha says she didn’t WANT anything. “Did that marriage even happen at the end of the day?  it’s over, it’s done. ”  Brandi says “he should pay you.”  Porsha disagrees.  “I’m leaving with who I am and that’s enough because with certain people, you don’t even want their money. For me to go through all of that and you just decide to walk away and build yourself up as a person.  I had businesses before and I just wanted to get back to that. I hit the bottom and I’m trying to climb my way back.”  She says her extension line is doing great and says her lingerie line is rolling out in February. 

Brandi admits that she likes watching Claudia.  She likes watching the fights.  Porsha says the show is doing well and she’s happy with the show even though she got demoted – because her check amount stayed the same!  “I don’t have the peach, but I have the peach check.”

Brandi then tries to get Porsha roped into the conversation about Kenya’s hair and whether it’s real or not.  Porsha does say that during the season she had a sew-in, which is fine by her.  Porsha jokes “she might have been wearing Naked Hair!”  (Porsha’s line)  She does admit that Kenya’s real hair is beautiful and long. 

Brandi’s other guests were a few of the cast members of Little Women LA, we’ll be sharing those bits later on.  Hopefully Brandi starts doing a little research before she interviews guests – she kept getting the name of the show wrong.  And calling the cast “cute.”  Ugh.  Don’t quit your day job, Brandi.  

ETA: Melissa pointed out that Brandi might not be telling the truth about those behind the scenes Celebrity Apprentice workers playing Kenya’s take down by Porsha on a loop – the reunion was taped on 3/27 and aired on 4/20, well after the last task on CA was filmed.



 Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo