lisa vanderpump on forgiveness, trust, and friendship

In case you had blocked out the disaster that was poker night on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, allow me to refresh your memory: two drunki-drunkifers, one Boozdi, one Rambles, behaved absolutely appallingly while guests in Eileen Davidson‘s home, then Brandi and Kyle Richards got into a scrapping fit over who got to play over-zealous nursemaid to Kim Richards. Luckily for Lisa Vanderpump she was off vacationing in Mexico. Bitch! 

Despite missing the party of the century, Lisa is weighing in on what she observed and is shocked by both Kim and Brandi Glanville‘s behavior, and she also defends her new re-friend Kyle

“So once again another week passes, and this episode is the start of a tumultuous ride, where alliances take a different path,” reflects Lisa. “We witness the car journey with the incongruous relationship of Brandi and Kyle in the car discussing the success of Kim’s sobriety and the path her life has taken.”

“Then things take a sharp turn as the evening unfolds. That relationship shatters and much is revealed,” begins Lisa.


“I have to say I was disheartened to see the animosity at Eileen’s house who had obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to create a fabulous evening. She is a sweet woman with a dear of a husband, and I believe they were unprepared for the nastiness that ensued,” Lisa asserts.

“It was startling, but I understood Kyle’s frustration as she attempted to communicate with Kim, only to be blocked by Brandi,” adds Lisa. “Kyle obviously, with years of experiencing situations like this, resented Brandi physically blocking her attempt to reach her sister.”

While Lisa, naturally, feels sympathy for Kim over her struggle for sobriety, she does not understand why Kim would attend a filming event under the influence. 

“I cannot fathom how one can arrive–with the knowledge that every moment will be recorded, documented in front of millions, where they are absolutely positive that interactions in a group setting are required–without one’s faculties, albeit due to drink or drugs and not expect people to comment on irrational and volatile behavior,” Lisa questions. 

“Now I have utmost sympathy for anyone dealing with addiction, but as we immerse ourselves in this demanding arena, the truth always comes out,” Lisa continues. “So it begs the question, if we have something to hide, where we are defensive, is it wise to test our resilience in our fight against the demands that being a public figure holds us to?”

“I absolutely unequivocally want Kim to be successful in her quest for sobriety,” Lisa writes. “I am positive each and every one of us feels the same. It was a sad moment to see her slip.” 

Lisa also reminds us this isn’t the first time Kim has exhibited bizarre unaccountable behavior. Oh don’t worry Lisa, we remember! “I do recall a similar situation, myself, two years ago in Paris, where Kim’s demeanor was questionable, her words were slurring and she was not herself.” #PoopyPillow

“I made the mistake of suggesting she had taken a sleeping pill to combat the demands of jet lag, almost hoping that this would be a legitimate and understandable explanation for her bizarre behavior. I was met with an angry response–how dare I insinuate that she was not committed to her sobriety? But her actions spoke otherwise,” Lisa recalls. “My point being is if we subject our friends to questionable conduct, aren’t we therefore justified to call it out as Lisa R. did in the car?” 

As for Brandi, Lisa is completely dismissive of her behavior on all accounts. “I don’t find anything she says remotely amusing, stimulating, or even vaguely interesting, just always provocative, trying to elicit a reaction.” 

Lisa says that the altercation that occurred between Brandi and Kyle on Eileen’s doorstep is the beginning of a “rapid downward spiral that creates the rift between Kyle and Brandi, a rift fraught with accusations that lead them into a vortex of negativity in the coming episodes.” 

Well tonight, obviously the lunacy at Eileen’s only escalates to caterwauling like banshees on her driveway. Then Kim lands herself in the hospital and Lisa gets to throw a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO BITCH!” in Kyle’s face when she fills her in on the drama with Brandi. Should be… well, whatever it is, we’ll be live-tweeting, so join us! 


 [Photo Credit: Bravo]