Kenya Moore Denies Stealing Vivica’s Phone; Brandi Glanville Jokes About Making Out With Kenya


Major Spoilers from last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, so don’t read on if you haven’t watched. 

This morning all four fired contestants, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Ian Ziering and Johnny Damon, sat down to chat with the Today show about their experiences on the show and the money they raised for charity. 

Kenya and Ian do a separate interview and Savannah Guthrie says they have Brandi over across the studio because things are so bad between the two.  Kenya says “oh that’s not true. I’ve seen Brandi a half a dozen times and I always speak, it’s not personal.”  She says that in the beginning they clashed, but “I came to win money for my charity, which was the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, and I did that and that’s all I was really was concerned about.” 

They play the clip from the boardroom where Vivica A. Fox accuses Kenya of stealing her phone and possibly sending out the menopausal Tweet.  Kenya “I don’t think anyone can make sense of that.  There was no basis for that, it was just an accusation.”  When asked point blank if she took the phone she says “absolutely not.  This is another brick thrown at me, I think that successful women build a foundation on the bricks that other people throw at them.” 

Ian says he’s not mad about getting fired because it’s just a game and he raised $320,000 for his charity.  He also says that he has no problem with Geraldo, that it’s all in Geraldo’s mind.  Kenya then pipes up and says that she thought Ian was a great competitor and she hated to see him go.  She thinks he should’ve been there in the end, along with her, of course. 

Next up is Brandi and Johnny interviewing with Matt Lauer.  Brandi is inappropriate, as always.

Matt says he doesn’t completely understand the feud thing with Kenya and Brandi and asks if it’s real or imagined.  Brandi says “I mean, we were on a game show together, so there was that, but no.  I mean, it’s kind of real, but..”  Matt says “so you could go over and shake hands?”  Brandi, always the class act, says “we could totally make out.”  And then adds “I’m kidding.” Matt remarks that she saw the line and went right over it, she quips “that’s what I do.”

They mention Brandi being willing to take a hit for Johnny.  She says “You spend 18 hours a day in a room with a group of people, you become close to certain people. Leeza Gibbons, Johnny and I, we just had a really great bond.” 

On their reaction to getting fired after thinking they were safe since Ian was kicked to the curb first.  Johnny says they had a feeling going in that a few were going to get fired.  He again takes responsibility for the jingle being bad. 

Matt makes Brandi go over and shake hands with Kenya and Kenya pretends to slap Brandi for a joke, but they give a quick hug and done. 


Photo Credit: Twitter