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Brandi Glanville Allegedly Responded to Andy Cohen’s Video With Own Explicit Joke

After Brandi Glanville tried to clock Andy Cohen for an alleged sexually charged FaceTime video, she might have forgotten to include some important context.

Brandi and her team of expensive lawyers fired off a letter to NBC, Shed Media, and Warner Bros accusing Andy of sending a drunky clip of himself and Kate Chastain being suggestive. This was in 2022 and apparently Brandi feels now is the right time for justice …

Now sources are saying Brandi must not have been that offended because she may or may not have responded to Andy with her own racy reply. Pot, kettle is holding on line one and Daily Mail has the scoop.

Did Andy sexually harass Brandi?

Bravo is being ripped to shreds with lawsuits, but it remains to be seen which ones will stick. Bethenny Frankel tried. NeNe Leakes tried. Now Caroline Manzo and Leah McSweeney, are joining in. Then comes Brandi’s letter.

People claim to have seen this alleged video of Andy being intoxicated and propositioning Brandi and confirm it was an obvious joke. The same sources included Brandi appeared to be in on the joke and didn’t seem offended or put off. Basically, Andy was saying he was going to have sex with Kate and wanted Brandi to watch. Also, Andy is gay and I’m not sure there’s enough alcohol in the world for him to have sex with Kate. No offense to Kate.

It went a little like this – Andy said, “Hey Brandi what’s up girl? We are just thinking about you. So yeah, me and Kate are gonna have some hot sex and wanted to know if you wanted to watch. You know a little ménage à trois.”

He added, “So FaceTime us back. Okay, girl love you!”

Andy and Kate weren’t writhing naked whilst pontificating over the positives of Caligula. They were fully clothed at a soirée and must have thought it would be funny to send Brandi a “joke.” Who knew two years later the “joke” was completely misinterpreted?

Brandi’s reply – allegedly

Fun fact: Brandi allegedly replied to Andy and Kate’s video. She would “bring her hot dildo” to their “joke” meet-up. Here’s what, is it out of the realm of possibility Andy would participate in a three-way scene involving a female? Nope, he’s already said as much on Watch What Happens Live.

But in this situation, while not the most appropriate move, Andy was most likely not trying to have intercourse with Kate while Brandi sat there and judged their moves.

Sources close to the situation are not having it. “Brandi has been looking for this window ever since Caroline’s lawsuit,” one person noted. “But for her to accuse probably the most openly gay man on reality TV of sexual harassment is absolutely ludicrous,” they added.

“She was really grabbing for straws with this one and to think it would give her leverage in her case is foolish.” Spies also made sure to point out the Big Boys at the network have promised never to work with Brandi again. Allegedly.