Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards lets the fur fly this week in her personal blog, taking time out to refresh Brandi Glanville’s memory on her lies and her own reckless words since she joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Kyle is fed up and tired of Brandi’s truth-twisting and trying to meddle in her relationship with her sister, Kim Richards. 

Kyle first wants to clear up a few things about last week’s episode after she read Brandi’s own blog.  “I’d like to address Brandi’s attempt to twist the events that played out at Eileen’s poker night in her blog last week. It’s an insult to our intelligence. We all SAW with our own eyes exactly what happened. To say that I wanted this to play out in front of the cameras to hurt my sister is her way of trying to poison our minds, as well as Kim’s. We all saw that I walked AWAY, into the bathroom where my sister followed ME. I asked my sister repeatedly to cover her microphone which she insisted she didn’t want to do, because she had nothing to hide. If I had wanted to make a scene at the poker table, I had plenty of opportunities to do so.”

Kyle says that when she and Kim left the bathroom at Eileen’s, she thought they were fine and would talk more later, in private.  She simply hoped she could get Kim to eat something before she left.  And that all went to hell, as we saw. 

Kyle addresses another dig in Brandi’s blog.  “Brandi then goes on to say in her blog, ‘I really do think I should apologize to Eileen and Vince for disrespecting their home. I should have taken a page from the rest of the women and said one thing to their faces and a completely different thing behind their backs.’ Is THAT an apology? And who is she referring to? That was my first time in Eileen’s home, and Brandi and I didn’t speak again after that. So Kim? Lisa R.? More lies and not taking responsibility.” 

Kyle is floored by Brandi’s hypocrisy at calling out Lisa Rinna as being “reckless” with her words.  Brandi is the queen of reckless words and it’s documented on film.  “Brandi then has the audacity to say that Lisa Rinna should be ashamed of herself and was “reckless” in her comments re: Brandi needing rehab and to consider she has children. What about how reckless Brandi is with her words? Her comments to Kim in Season 2 about using meth which were 100% NOT TRUE…How did she think Kim’s kids would feel about that? Or bringing up the lies in tabloids on camera last season. What about my children? Or what she said about Adrienne and her children? Brandi’s mean comments about others are always lies designed to hurt. Lisa Rinna was commenting on something she actually SAW with her own eyes. What we ALL saw. Not a fabrication designed to hurt Brandi. Brandi needs to stop with the lies and deflecting and be more cautious with her own actions and reckless words, if she’s that concerned what people may say about her.” 

On to this week’s episode, Kyle is frustrated that Brandi is actively seeking to cause a rift between Kim and Kyle. “Watching Kim and Brandi talk after Kim got out of the hospital and hearing Brandi repeatedly tell Kim that she has been there for her and I haven’t is disgusting to me. What friend WANTS their friend to think their family isn’t there for them? Why is she constantly putting that in my sister’s head? You saw where Kim and I had a heartfelt conversation in her bedroom, where she said how we have both always been there for each other and nobody can come between us…The conversations between Kim and me are night and day from her conversations with Brandi.”

On the gay mixer party, “For obvious reasons, I didn’t send the invitation to Brandi. Why would I? We couldn’t be in a worse place, and I was excited about having fun with my friends without any problems.  When I looked up and saw Kim walk in with Brandi, my heart dropped. I felt very nervous but felt Kim wasn’t coming from a bad place. I decided I had to go up to Brandi and start the conversation with an apology even though it really was the last thing I wanted to do.”

Kyle explains why she can’t fully defend herself, “When I told Brandi she should know better than to come between sisters, it started all over again…She started again with saying she’s been there for her and I haven’t and claiming to know our history. It’s so extremely frustrating when she says that, because if I defend/explain myself, then I would have to reveal private information. So my hands are tied.”

Kyle’s sick over Kim not defending her and calls Brandi out on the lies, again. “Brandi always puts out lies about people, hoping they will stick. Just because Brandi says something doesn’t make it true. She has a tendency to believe her own lies.”

On that marriage snipe, “Brandi threw out her last dagger, her vicious comment about my husband not wanting me, I lost it. It was so mean and coming from someone who is so concerned about “reckless” comments…What about my children? Brandi has proven time and again she doesn’t care about hurting anyone…including their family.” 


(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

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