On Brandi Glanville’s Podcast She Reveals New Show Pitch, Talks Boyfriend JR, New Cookbook More

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This week’s guest on Brandi Glanville’s podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, was someone she had quite a bit in common with: Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.   Brandi and Mary Jo both had actor husbands who went off to film Lifetime movies with semi-famous women and wound up cheating and “falling in love” with said co-stars. 

On the podcast, the women get along well and connect over all of the similarities in their bizarre situations.  Brandi admits that it’s been six years since it happened but that it’s still hard in some respects. 

The women also have in common the fact that both “new” couples went on to do reality TV shows together, too.  Tori Spelling and Dean have done multiple reality shows over the years, while LeAnn and Eddie only did the one and it got canceled.  So, there’s that. 

Brandi and Mary Jo have some good conversation about their situations and their lives, but I have to admit that Brandi needs to learn to interview a little better and work on her listening skills.  I understand and give her a little slack for this interview because the two are so similar in what’s happened in their lives, but she does it on every interview I’ve heard so far on her podcast.  Sit back and let them do the talking.  Interject tidbits if you can relate, but don’t make it all about yourself!  They are the guests. 

A few of the highlights from the podcast:

Brandi confirms that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian did beg her to be on their reality show and she was offered a LOT of money to do it but she “told them to eff off.”   She also shared that having to deal with the daily tabloid coverage of her divorce helped her to move on more quickly because it was in her face around the clock. 

Brandi says that Eddie expected her to be quiet and go away but that he should’ve known better because she’s always been outspoken.  And when he said their marriage had been bad, she says “really, we had a two year old and were planning our next vacation..”   She also says  that women come up to her all the time and hug her and thank her for being a voice because something similar happened to them and she gets letters from people who are so grateful to her. 

She also reiterated that Eddie didn’t move out of their house for almost a year after the scandal broke, although they were in separate rooms.  She and Eddie had sex while he was with LeAnn and that he was still begging Brandi to take him back and LeAnn knew this, but they stayed together anyway. 

The hash over their post-divorce dramas with their exes’ new women and blah blah.  Then Mary Jo tells Brandi that she wanted to pitch her on an idea of the two of them doing a show where they go out and help other women in the same situation.  Brandi is floored because “you won’t believe this. I just had a meeting on Saturday where I pitched that idea for myself.  I’ll tell you about when we get off the air because I don’t want anyone to steal it.  But I had a meeting on Saturday with a great..I don’t want to say who.”  Mary Jo says it’s been her idea that they would be perfect for them to do that because it would be empowering.”  Brandi laughs, “you can be the conservative one and I’ll be setting fires and murdering motorcycle tires.”  Mary Jo says “I’m actually not that conservative.” 

Brandi bitches about being labeled the scorned woman and says “I’m having more sex than my single friends.  but it’s a label I can’t escape but at the same time I’ve embraced it.”  She then admits that at first she was out having sex with way too many guys and went through Eddie’s Rolodex and made sure that he knew a couple of the guys.   She says she did a lot of revenge things in the very beginning because I was so hurt. 

Brandi then revealed that she is seeing a tattoo artist to fill in the white marks on her skin where she’s picked at her face.  She’s always been very open about her obsession with picking at her skin – especially her face.  She says the tattoos are super expensive and painful.  She then dishes a little more about her obsession, which includes an oxygen machine, LED lights.  She says she doesn’t spend money on clothes, she spends it on beauty products.

They then talk about new projects.  Brandi says, aside from this show she pitched, her publisher came to her and they want to do a cookbook because Brandi loves to spend time in the kitchen.  Brandi told them she’d love to do one but wants it to be a bit more provocative.  But of course. 

Brandi makes mention of her boyfriend.  “We’re on and off but we’re on right now and had really good sex last night.”  Then they get into a convo about sleep apnea machines and snoring.  And legal hassles with Eddie. 

Mary Jo asks her if she enjoys doing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  “It has it’s ups and downs. It has definitely been a great platform for me – to have my books out there and other things that I’m doing – my wine, my app.  So it has its pluses.  but there’s also minuses.  They only show a certain side of me because they can’t see me with my kids, they can’t see me doing business meetings.  They only see me socializing with women who I probably wouldn’t normally socialize with. These women can be intimidating  and judgmental and they don’t always show everything that happens.  So, you don’t know.  You think you had a great season and then you’re watching it and….”  

On how Brandi handles the negative side of it, “I did have a little break down recently because of some things happening that I don’t think should be happening. But at the end of the day I’m taking care of two little men.  I have no education, what was I going to do? This show really saved my life as far as being financially stable.  I’m just thankful that I’m doing the Apprentice now because it gives a different side of me for people to see.  I’m not always drunk and crazy and yelling and screaming and fighting.  That’s not who I am.  If it was, I wouldn’t be where I’m at.  It’s frustrating and it’s hard but I appreciate it still.” 

Brandi and Mary Jo talk respect for their exes. Brandi praises Eddie as a dad but says she’s lost all respect for him.   She shares with Mary Jo that Eddie is still not allowed to be in the same room with Brandi without LeAnn present.  She does think they need to have conversations about the boys that LeAnn doesn’t need to be a part of.  They only communicate via email.  Mary Jo thinks Eddie and LeAnn will end up in divorce, too, but Brandi hopes it’s not until her boys are grown so they don’t have to go through another split. 

Brandi and Mary Jo dish on men.  Brandi says her boyfriend, JR, has good style and she keeps going back to him and it sounds serious this time.  “But now we’re really gonna try and be a couple.”  They’ve been dating off and on for two years but steadily now since Thanksgiving.  “We had breaks because he’s an only child and he’s Latin, like my ex husband, and there’s a lot that goes with that.” 

She continues, “He was raised by a single mother so he gets a lot of where I’m coming from so I do have respect for him in that way. He’s a hard worker and I respect that.  But he was an only child and I think it’s hard for him, I have two little men that come first.  He loves the boys, he’s around them, but it’s hard for him, I think he’s used to being #1, but when it comes to the romantic department, he’s my #1.”  But her kids’ needs still come first and she tells Mary Jo that that is part of their issue.  “It was more like, I don’t want to throw him under the bus here because I already have a million times, but I..”  and Mary Jo says “need more of a man?”  Brandi says he has potential.  “He’s 46, it’s time.”  Mary Jo thinks it’s a huge red flag that JR is 46 and has never been married.  Brandi says “but now he really has turned a corner and he’s ready for a commitment.”  She thinks it takes longer for men to figure out who they are. 

Brandi then shares her message for women out there who sleep with married men.  “We gotta take the power back.  Just say no.  Tell him to get a divorce first. Do the right thing.  We are our own worst enemy.”


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com