Holly Frazier Is Disgusted With Abby Lee Miller; Slams Her On Twitter! Has Nia Quit The ALDC?

Holly Frazier and daughter Nia of Dance Moms

Are Holly Frazier and daughter Nia about to join the ranks of former Dance Moms? Sure looks that way!

After this week’s dramatic episode in which Holly believed Abby Lee Miller tried to shatter Nia’s dreams, she emotionally told cameras, “I cannot take this anymore. Not only do I deserve better, that little girl deserves better. She is a vicious and nasty, vile woman … That woman is insane! She’s crazy!” Holly continued to call out Abby on twitter  – and she makes one thing clear: she is NOT backing down! 

Nia has since recorded a single “Star In Your Own Life” with Aubrey O’Day (Celebrity Apprentice alum!) which Abby felt was the work of a traitor. In response she tried to sabotage Nia’s opportunity to record with Aubrey by blaming HOLLY’s behavior. Luckily, Aubrey did not take the bait.


When Holly and Abby later butted heads over the incidents, Holly accused Abby of “lying” and seethed, “My integrity is worth more. You’re a shallow, nasty woman! … You get your act together and you stop telling lies! You are a liar, an absolute liar!” Nia was pulled from the group routine for Holly’s sins. 

Following the episode Holly continued to stand her ground against Abby’s totalitarianism on twitter. Good! And she continued to question Abby’s tactics, behaviors, and motives. 

Holly defended contacting Aubrey as necessary since Abby has no interest in any of her students besides Maddie Ziegler. “I am tired waiting for someone to give me an opportunity. Sometimes you have to create your own opportunity!” Holly tweeted. “The LA trip was about making the most of every opportunity.If @AubreyODay wants to work with Nia I am going to seize that moment.”

Abby tweeted that it is fine for Nia to work outside of ALDC and use Hollywood connections, but “not using me behind my back.” Uhhhh considering Abby doesn’t own all of Hollywood, does she really have that jurisdiction? Abby also accused Holly of “turning into Christi.” 

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“I am not sitting back anymore and I certainly will NOT be silenced!” Holly continued. And she confirmed Nia is still a part of ALDC but Holly is no longer trying to play the peacemaker with Abby. “Nia is a part of the ALDC. However I will not ignore her negative comments about Nia.” 

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Nia is moving on from ALDC which appears to be the problem if you are anyone but Maddie. Nia just filmed her first music video for Star In Your Own Life and it seems like she may be taking the steps to leave Abby behind. 

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Hmmm… at this rate, Lifetime can create a Dance Moms 2.0 – After The Reign Terror and include Paige, Brooke, Chloe, and probably Nia. I’d rather watch that any day!

Interestingly Nia’s picture is excluded from an upcoming ALDC International Showcase which is being promoted. Has Nia already left the ALDC?



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Nia Frazier filming a music video with Aubrey O'Day

Dance Mom's Nia Frazier filming a music video