Stevie J Pleads Not Guilty In $1 Million Dollar Child Support Case; Explains Failed Court-Ordered Drug Tests!

Stevie J in NYC's Federal Court over $1 Million Child Support Indictment

Stevie J (aka Steven Jordan) returned to court yesterday hoping he could convince a judge that he’s not guilty of remiss child support payments! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star pled “Not Guilty” following an indictment for owing more than $1.1 million in unpaid support, and insists he does pay – but it’s being spent it faster than he makes it!

Stevie’s case is being tried in federal court, instead of state court as is the norm in family proceedings. “There is a history in this case of the failure of Family Court to address this successfully,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew DeFilippis explained, calling the federal court a “last resort” due to the extreme dollar amount of what Stevie owes and the lack of suitable resolution in state court due to filing errors. 

Above, Stevie outside court, he captioned the photo: “My day 1 support system! @stefateaser @thebaddestputa1 @mcl_pr #The DevilIsALiar #lhhatl #TheJordans”


Stevie, in rebuttal, told the judge he believed he would save him from financial obligations because he is a “fair and a great judge who understands the system” and what “I’m going through here.”

“It seems like the judge knows this is a frivolous case here,” Stevie shared with to TMZ. “He needs to get all the information about the dismissal in state court. God willing he’ll throw this out because of lack of jurisdiction.”

Stevie explains his baby mama doesn’t live in NY (she lives in PA) and neither does he, so the judge thought it was odd that the case is even being heard in a NYC Federal Court and should be heard again back in Atlanta. 

The case was dismissed in state court last year and Stevie is confident he’ll get the same result through the federal process. Stevie, whose support payments were increased in to  $8,557 in 2011, has been delinquent ever since despite earning $27,000 per month on L&HHATL alone reports NY Daily News. 

If convicted Stevie will face up to 2 years in prison, as well as increased fines. 

Stevie insists he is paying support – and always has – just not the full amount.”My kids can go through a check really quick,” Stevie added. “My son wrote the judge a letter. I take great care of my kids – all my kids!” 

Stevie also goes into detail about his 10 failed drug tests and recent time in court-ordered rehab. “It’s nothing to really even talk about… My daughter she went through something, where she was raped, and I really was in a dark place and I wanted to do something, but I let the justice system handle it and I took the other route – doing something that I shouldn’t have even done. But I’m dealing with it; I feel better. I look great!” 

Joseline Hernandez chimed in that Stevie was “doing good” with this sobriety. 

Yes, naturally, Jocelyn was by Stevie’s side, dressed appropriately as always. As the couple made their way out of the NYC court house she proceeded to get into a verbal exchange with a bystander. Then Stevie promoted his new single, “My new single, ‘DNA’ with Snoop, is coming out in the next few weeks,” he boasted to Page Six as the couple left. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]