Adam Lind

Adam Lind continues to be a hot mess who can’t get his act together. Maybe he should see Leah Messer for some life coaching? Adam has failed not one, but TWO court-ordered drug tests, which could jeopardize custody with his two daughters Aubree and Paislee.

In addition to having a lengthy custody battle with Chelsea Houska, Adam is also in court with baby mama no. 2 Taylor Halbur. It seems the ladies, working together for the safety of their daughters, took their concerns that Adam was using to the courts. He was ordered to take a drug test, which he failed, twice. Both Methamphetamine and Amphetamine were found in Adam’s system. This is just the latest in a string of sad legal issues the Teen Mom 2 star has found himself dealing with.


Public records reveal that Adam tested positive for over 300 ng/ml of Amphetamine and over 800 ng/ml of Methamphetamine. I have no idea what that means in layman’s terms, but it sounds like a lot.

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The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reveals multiple sources shared that Chelsea, Taylor, and even the Teen Mom 2 crew have suspected Adam‘s drug use, which prompted a judge to order the test. After Adam failed the first test, he dismissed it as a “faulty test,” so the court agreed to let him provide another sample in early April. Unfortunately, that also came back positive for drugs! Is he trying to lose custody?!

As a result, Adam has lost his unsupervised visitation with Paislee. So far he still retains supervised visitation with Aubree (his parents are required to babysit Adam with his baby). MTV sources shared that with all the drama, Adam hasn’t filmed for the upcoming season. He’s complained relentlessly about the show ruining his life, but admits he comes back for the money. It seems like he’ll need it more than ever now.

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The Ashley also reports that Adam is still having driving difficulties. On April 17, he plead guilty to “Exhibition Driving” (whatever that means) cause you know a person who’s been arrested over and over again for dangerous driving related offenses should still have his license. Per his custody arrangement, Adam’s not permitted to drive with Aubree.

I’m glad Chelsea and Taylor took these concerns to court. Hopefully Adam can get some help and work it out … for real this time.


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