Mama June Lands A New Reality Show? Will Anna Cardwell’s Child Molestation Be A Storyline?

honey boo boo

Color me… disgusted? TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo amid Mama June‘s romantic relationship with Mark McDaniel, the convicted child molester who molested her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell

Since TLC wants nothing to do with the Boo Boos, who no longer fit their funky family-friendly image,  the Boo Boos are taking their redneck lovin’ lifestyle to more interested parties – they hope! Reports are circulating that Mama June and the crew – including Sugar Bear  – are in LA meeting with producers this week to shop around a new “Beverly Hillbillies Themed” reality show to various networks! 


Mama June has a huge new house, and is no longer pretending to be poor like she was on HCHBB, so the family is living rich and flashy with drivers, shopping sprees, and juggling being “celebrities” in their hometown. Whatever happened to extreme couponing and trust funds for her kids

June announced on twitter the family has a new manager now and new things are in progress. “Alot of AWESOME things coming our way this yr we will share when we can I know y’all true fans will love it,” she shared.

However – there’s a catch! Sources say several of the networks interested want a more meaty storyline than the light-hearted goofy Honey Boo Boo family antics the family is known for, so producers are urging the family to allow Anna’s molestation “inaugurate the series” as a way to show they’ve unified and moving upwards.

Thankfully Mama June and and Anna prefer to “privately” deal with the matter in therapy and want to move on from that episode in their life. Yes, they don’t want the negative association to continue to shadow them, which puts them at a cross-roads with their new producers. 

Another storyline producers are pushing to boost network interest: the rekindling of Mama June and Sugar Bear. Producers want them to “fix things and co-parent” for the show, says TMZ.  Currently Sugar Bear lives about 90 minutes away from June and Honey and they have worked out a visitation schedule, but rumor has it he’s moving back in soon… 

Well, well all of this seems very authentic. Putting the “real” in reality TV! 


[Photo Credit: Facebook]