Mama June Dumps Child Molester; Wants Sugar Bear Back! Plus, Anna Cardwell Begs For Money!

June Shannon appears on Extra.

After losing everything, including her reality show, to rekindle her relationship with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, Mama June dumped him and wants Sugar Bear back! 

Upon his release from prison, June quickly resumed her relationship with the convicted child molester, – even cheating on Sugar Bear– causing TLC to pull the plug on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and seriously dock June’s salary. As a result, June’s daughter Anna Cardwell came forward stating that Mark actually molested her but June doesn’t believe her, had exposed her other minor children (including Alana) to Mark, and had stolen money from her trustfund to buy him a car. 

Now June is having a change of heart and wants to work things out with Sugar Bear, who hasn’t given up on her either!


UGH – how dumb are these people?! Sugar Bear has moved back in with June and they are “working on the relationship” although he hasn’t completely forgiven her yet. June tells TMZ that although they don’t consider themselves “back together” and she has “a lot of work” to do to regain his trust, she’s optimistic! I’m disgusted. #FreeAlana

Also, June is now admitting that when Mark was released from prison they did see each other, but she still won’t fully admit to having a relationship with him. Anna stated numerous times June is using Sugar Bear to distract from her relationship with Mark and to try and regain favor with the public. 

In defense of her actions, June says, “I’m human, I made mistakes and done wrong, but no one is perfect.” That’s a pretty damn big mistake – and I personally think this is just a ploy for her to try and get back in the media and public’s good graces. She did a disastrous interview with Extra! trying to defend herself and has repeatedly stated the “truth” will come out and she will be vindicated. Well that never happened. Instead more information come out exposing her as the selfish disgraceful mother she is, so now she’s trying to pretend it never happened. I think your reality TV days are long gone June, even if you’re having trouble realizing it! 

Also having trouble realizing that that the TLC money train has come to an end is Anna! After making the media rounds exposing her mother’s depraved years-long relationship with Mark, and her own molestation, Anna started a GoFundMe page seeking $20,00o worth of financial assistance so she could pay her phone bill and save for a house and maybe write a book.

Immediately fans lashed out at Anna on social media and called her money grubbing. Anna spent years on HCHBB and should have money from the network. She refused to be involved in the 4th season, which was filmed and then scrapped by TLC after June’s relationship with Mark came out. Anna reportedly bailed out of the show because of that very same relationship – she didn’t want to be around Mark. 

After taking flack for asking for money,  Anna pulled the plug. “I’m deleting my fund me cause everyone thinks I’m money hungry,” she said in a statement. “And I have been think about everyone’s opinions and I got alot of chooses and I have done there idea and I get the s*** end of the stick.” Anna is now selling essential oils via her Facebook page

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.04.29 PM

Well, if Anna was trying to raise money to go back to school, I might contribute… Anna also revealed that she is potentially shopping a tell-all, and was asking if anyone would volunteer to help her transcribe and type it up. Me – for a fee. 


[Photo Credit: WENN]