Kandi Burruss Responds To Phaedra Parks’ Comments From Sunday’s Episode Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

kandi burruss

I think it’s safe to say that no one is safe from rumors, backstabbing, or shade throwing on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Cynthia Bailey has been gossiping about Phaedra Parks’ alleged Mr.C chocolate cravings, and Phaedra is stirring the pot regarding Kandi Burruss’ loyalties. Phaedra has been venting to Porsha Williams about how she feels her friend is siding with Apollo because of his friendship with Kandi’s husband Todd. As for Kenya Moore, she’s just waving her Krayonce flag and twirling with delight not to be the this season’s main target, while NeNe Leakes channels her inner cruise director…on a boat ride straight into the heart of darkness! 

Kandi, like her counterparts, seems to suffer from the innate inability to be able to dish it, but not so much take it. In the RHOA realm, “it” refers to any combination of whispers, scandals, and busy body chit-chat where the only applicable rule is “talk with me about anyone but don’t talk with anyone about me.” Sixth grade social rules in their most basic form, for sure! 


Speaking to Bravotv.com, Kandi dishes on counseling and her ongoing issues with Mama Joyce. She reveals that she’s surprised at all of the backstabbing going on this season…specifically the tongues that are wagging about her! Seriously, Kandi? This isn’t your first rodeo, buck up and recognize that none of the ladies are innocent when it comes to smack talking. Glass houses, Kandi, glass houses…check out her interview below!

Did you find the marriage counseling helpful?


Were you surprised to receive the award from Peter?

I was very surprised! Todd and I wanted to be there to support Peter, but I had no idea that he would be honoring me. I was caught off guard.

Why did you break down with your mom?

Mom and I had been arguing a lot at that time, and I just felt that she never accepted any responsibility for being wrong. She always finds a way to make me the bad guy. When she said I’ve changed and that I’m not there for my family, I was too through! I had just bought a car for a family member that week, another family member was living with me, and I was and still am helping to take care of another elderly family member. To say I don’t care about my family was an insult. I love them all dearly, and for her to feel that I don’t care about them as much just because I’m married now hurts me.

What did you think of NeNe’s idea to bring everyone to a group counseling session?

I thought it was a waste of my time, but that’s because I didn’t know what Phaedra was saying behind my back. It’s crazy watching the show and hearing Porsha and Phaedra discuss how I’m not a friend and that I’m siding with Apollo because my husband and Apollo are friends, and blah, blah, blah. At the time that they had that conversation, I didn’t even know Phaedra had a problem with me like that. I have argued with Todd defending Phaedra. I have defended Phaedra when Apollo came around talking B.S. to everyone about their relationship. There have been plenty of times that I have taken up for Phaedra. No one can say that I have taken anybody’s side against her. Last week at the dinner Phaedra was sitting next to NeNe and Porsha. I was on the other side of the table. They were the closest to her, so they should’ve been the first to grab her. They are her friends too… Right? There is so much more I could say on this subject, but I’m going to let it go.

On this week’s episode of RHOA, everyone was talking about everyone else, but no one was really addressing anyone about anything of relevance. I guess they needed more time to focus on Peter’s excellence awards, right? At least Kandi was recognized at that event…it had to soothe some of the hurt feelings she encountered when she watched this week to learn that Phaedra totally thinks she’s Team Apollo. At least we have NeNe to the rescue with her harebrained idea about the ladies seeing Dr. Jeff. Forget Botox bashes, the new craze is all about a counseling party!