NeNe Leakes Wants Nothing To Do With Kenya, Claudia And Cynthia; Regrets Storming Out Of Therapy

 RHOA recap - NeNe Leakes thinks she's the therapist

NeNe Leakes took to her own personal website once again to share her thoughts on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s NeNe unfiltered and unedited. 

NeNe starts off, “I wanna just jump right in and keep it 100 with y’all so excuse my language if it gets a little rough here and there. I just want you to feel where I am coming from and what I was dealing with during the course of filming. I am definitely a strong woman, but human at the same time.” 

On her friendship with Phaedra Parks, “I was there as a rock and ear for Phaedra! A listener, a encourager! That is who I truly am as a person. I was never looking for friendship. I have true real life friendships that have lasted 15 to 20 years so I know that true friendship means a lot. I would never say anything about her previous relationships other than encourage her to work it out or get closure so she can move on if need be.”

NeNe thinks Kandi Burruss is using her to deflect from her own shortcomings as a friend, “I must say I’m not surprised that Kandi showed so much hate towards me! It’s one of those things where a person wants to deflect the attention off of them doing wrong and place the blame somewhere else. What exactly is Kandi’s problem with me? Oh yeah they flashed back 5 years ago to show us having a disagreement. Really! I could go into detail and tell you what really happened 5 years ago, but why? That’s old settled dust to me. I see you Kandi and that’s why I’m over here laughing. #girlbye.” 

She swears her suggestion for group therapy was from the heart so they could all learn to get along for the show’s sake.  “Wanting to organize a counseling session to figure out a way for us all to coexist truly came from a place of concern for the show. My motives were pure and true! I wanted to bring unity because I cared. This is a divided cast and has been ever since they decided to cast women that are not from Atlanta. Single women with nothing to lose. Thirsty women who have no limitation and are willing to do anything to be on TV. Jealous woman who want to hold the title as the “Queen” of this show! Women who haven’t worked in years.” 

NeNe believes they’re jealous that she’s the original HW, “I have to say most of the ladies hate or should I say are jealous of the fact that I hold the title of being the only original and the one that has been here since day one. Every job has someone on it that has seniority and that somebody is me in this case.” 

NeNe is highly annoyed at how the show made it look like she had an instant attitude.  “Walking into the counseling session I was open and thrilled to get started but wait you didn’t see that! It played out as if I walked in with an attitude. Not at all! The session started two hours late with me sitting in my car just waiting, but let’s just skip all that Ummmhmmm!” 

She isn’t happy about the way the session was handled by Dr. Jeff.  She thinks it fueled the attitude of “air your issues with Nene,” when they were supposed to be there to mend fences among the entire cast.   She shares, “The session was intended for us to find a way to co exist as a cast. Heal not debate! Address real issues! By no means was this suppose to be about what they don’t like about Nene. Hell there’s plenty of things I don’t like about a lot of these ladies. Quite frankly I was surprised that Dr. Jeff would even handle a session that way. Going from person to person asking what’s your problem with Nene. Not many people can sit in and a room full of people and let them fire at you one by one! Being bashed and called the common denominator is bullshit and a set up from the word go. It was like only I had done wrong. I couldn’t help but be defensive!”

She was floored at getting the blame for some of the broken relationships. And NeNe DOES regret walking out in a huff like that.   “These broken relationships has NOTHING to do with me! Cynthia and Phaedra, Porsha and Cynthia, Porsha and Kenya, Porsha and Claudia, Kandi and Phaedra, Kenya and Phaedra. Kenya and Apollo. Looking back I wish I had taken a break over leaving. Staying in that moment was gonna result into something I wouldn’t have been proud of. Walking away seemed to be the best option at that time because I saw myself in a no win situation. I’m right sometimes but I’m also wrong sometimes.” 

On Kenya Moore, “I want to make it clear that I was never friends with Kenya! I never met her until she came to Atlanta pretending to live here!”  She adds that Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia are obsessed with her, “I will never be friends with Kenya, Claudia or Cynthia as long as we are on this show together. They try so hard to tear me down by tweeting daily, lying, and using my name in interviews. I find these ladies obsessed and dangerously jealous. That is as clear as I can be.” 

NeNe poses these questions at the end, “(1) If I’m such a bad friend, why are they so desperate to be friends with me? (2) Why do they care if I speak to them or not if they don’t like me?” 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV