Little Women: L.A. Reunion, Part 2! Joe Calls Everyone a Loser

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It’s part two of the Little Women: L.A. reunion show and this time, the men are joining the little ladies to sling some mud. But of course they are!

Back to host part 2 of the reunion, and to go hard at Christy McGinty, is Tanika Ray. We rejoin the group with Lila Call (of Little Women: N.Y.) defending her past relationship with the great and powerful Joe. Terra Jole is still bothered by Lila’s texts & calls to Joe while Terra and Joe have been in a relationship. Tonya Banks jumps in to tell Lila, “I really wanted to whoop your ass” in Catalina but adds that she “didn’t want to catch a case” so she refrained. Lila asks if Tonya paid a writer for that line and Tonya’s grouchy face hits level 10. “I can be classy and I can be ratchet!” yells Tonya. Lila ignores her at first, then finally snaps, “Just shut up!” to Tonya, which provokes Tonya to hop off the couch and go at her (well, kinda…before a very pregnant Terra fake-holds her back). Instead of assaulting her, Tonya finally ends it all with “You need to take your dildo and go f*ck yourself back to New York!” OMG. These women, especially Tonya, need a bar of soap shoved in their ratchet mouths STAT. Lila’s had enough, so she decides to get up and leave, saying, “I’m better than this.” Terra and Tonya yell “BYE! BYE!” like middle school mean girls while Christy tries to follow Lila out to make sure she doesn’t drink. But Christy stays instead and attempts to address Tonya’s ridiculous behavior…to no avail. Someone needs to pull out a dog bone and tell Tonya to go fetch.


Next, Tanika takes us in a different direction by showing us a deleted scene of Elena Gant seeing a plastic surgeon about a boob job. Elena decided to wait a year since she just got her butt done, which she already regrets – because she got it done too small. #newsworthy?

On to the next potential catastrophic topic! Tonya’s past relationship with Trevore is put on blast and we’re reminded that Trevore got caught texting Briana Manson looking for some side luvvvv. We’re treated to a flashback of Tonya’s last supper with Trevore and his mom, which devolves into Tonya calling him a punk ass and kicking him to the curb while his mom chows down on Tonya’s home cooking. Tonya says now she thought he might change, but he was ultimately a selfie-takin’, opportunistic man whore. Tonya claims she put Briana out as “bait” for Trevore (WTF?) and he took the bait. So. That’s weird. Tonya does admit she basically fell for a bad dude, just like she accused Briana of doing, so that’s why she felt protective over Briana.

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Speaking of Briana’s relationship, we now take a walk down memory lane to view scenes of Briana’s “Bonnie & Clyde” love affair with Matt. Friends and family alike hated Matt from the word GO, and Briana ultimately broke things off with him after their engagement. Matt joins the women on the couch and wipes a tear from Briana’s cheek (groan!) as he says that he understands people’s concerns, but he still cares about her. Are they back together? Looks like it. Tamika asks if Matt has a fetish since he’s reached out to Terra in the past and previously had another little person girlfriend as well. He says no. Matt says he did make a “poor choice” recently that hurt Briana. Tamika asks, “Did you cheat on her?” To which Matt replies, “Yeah, sorta.” Now he’s totally 100% committed to her though, people! He also admits he was arrested for domestic violence twice, but he never put his hands on anyone. He claims two women in his past actually beat him up/assaulted him. Matt adds that he hasn’t been drinking for the past two months and isn’t going to 12-step meetings, but “would go in a heartbeat” if Briana asked him to. Briana says she’s taking a big step back and they have no plans of getting married, but they are together. Good people of the jury: does this all add up?

Ok, here come the rest of the dudes! Joe, Erik, Todd, Saint Preston, and – wait for it! – Jaa (who dat? Trevore #2) join the ladies on the couches next. We flashback to Todd apologizing to Erik, then see Joe refusing to even talk to Todd about their beef. Because look up “maturity” in the dictionary and there’s Joe’s fat head. Todd repeats that he’s offered his apologies and that’s all he can do. Of course, Terra spitefully claims that Todd’s apologies were BS. But Todd says he wishes Joe would’ve reached out as much as he did. Silence please. Joe speaks! He pipes up that Todd just wants to seem like a “big man” and should stay out of the women’s business. #littlenene

Joe finally does – gasp! – apologize for making comments about Todd & Christy McGinty’s weight. Terra & Joe keep bizarrely accusing Todd of attacking their unborn child. Erik interjects that he pretty much thought Todd’s apology was sincere, but wants to stay out of the issue now. Then literally everyone in the room starts simultaneously screaming at each other next until Tamika yells, “One at a TIME!” Erik says his part in the initial fight was simply to defend Terra from Todd, but Todd claims he was never going for Terra. Traci then complains that she got knocked over that night too. But let’s get real: a slight breeze could knock Traci off her feet since she falls down like it’s her job. Joe starts calling Todd a b*tch, then escalating into fight mode again. Todd hilariously tells Joe, “My 8-year old nephew could knock you down.” This does not go over well with Joe, who begins to call everyone in the room a loser. He tells Christy she’s very good at being a victim and that she and Todd are sick people.

Tamika offers the brilliant solution that the guys should all start acting more like Preston. Truth. Preston just smiles his sweet smile and does what he does best: nothing. Because this show is not called: Little Women’s Husbands: L.A. And with that, all of the men leave.

We end with Terra’s baby news update. She says there will be a seventh “little woman” here soon and we’re all invited to join her in her pregnancy journey which will be aired on Terra’s Little Family, premiering April 8th. We see a few clips of the upcoming show, and we do know that baby Penelope has arrived safely since both of these shows have filmed. Terra says the show will reveal even the most private moments – both good & bad – of her pregnancy journey. The ladies offer their advice to mama-to-be Terra, which is kind of the only sweet moment we’ve seen this entire reunion special.

Lastly, we learn what’s next for the rest of the ladies who didn’t get a Lifetime spin-off. Tonya is filming a workout video. Christy just got certified as a recovery coach, while Todd is looking to start a life coaching business. Tamika, who has no love for Christy, turns and snarks to Terra and Tonya, “Todd’s going to be a life coach!?” Briana is working on a “major top secret project.” Elena is working on her fashion line and wants to open up a beauty salon. Traci is busy practicing walking. Oh – and she’s still trying to have a baby, but first has to learn how to take care of a puppy.


Photo Credit: Lifetime