Are Teen Mom 2 Stars Leah Calvert And Jeremy Calvert Headed For Divorce?

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer Calvert

Things aren’t looking good for Jeremy Calvert and Leah Calvert. It is only a matter of time, now, until Leah Messer Kidd Please! Simms Yoo-Hoo Kidd! Calvert Kidd Again! will have three kids and two marriages under her belt. The Teen Mom 2 star turns 23 this month.

Leah continued her “happy marriage” charade last week on Facebook, “Today makes 3 years marriage for Jeremy and I. 🙂 #‎ANNIVERSARY‬” Within minutes, however, “fans” and “inside sources” came out of the woodwork to call her bluff. Reportedly, the couple did NOT spend their anniversary together, and Jeremy hasn’t been wearing a wedding ring and has been carrying on like a single man for a lot longer than Leah wants to admit.


Jeremy Calvert no wedding ring

Jeremy shared, “Time to break out the cowboy hat.” And put away the wedding ring? Jeremy’s naked finger did not go unnoticed on the Twitter.

Leah, the queen of cryptic tweets, shared “Sometimes I don’t know how some people can even be considered human beings with the words they say, and the hurt they cause. #ItsAMystery2Me” and “I accept pain and sadness because it’s ok to feel those emotions. I accept them by speaking it and releasing it. Then, I may move on..” a couple days later.

An “inside source” told Us Weekly that Jeremy will file for divorce from Leah soon. “It’s just a lot of small things that just build up over time,” added a second source, “but it does seem like they’re breaking up now.” Small things… like getting caught via a deer cam sneaking around with your ex AND sharing penis pictures with strangers?

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Leah and Jeremy did NOT spend Easter together, and it wasn’t because Jeremy had to work out of town. “This isn’t the only holiday I have spent without my significant other,” Leah posted on Facebook. “Some days are harder than most. I have remained strong through it though and my strength has seen me through…Just as it does today and many more struggles to come!”

As I mentioned above, The Ashley also reported that Jeremy has been “living like a single man” all while Leah‘s pretending all is well in her marriage (until her recent “woe is me” tweets). The site added that Jeremy is seeing someone new. Hopefully someone who doesn’t live on the same planet as the irresistible Robbie Kidd. #SoMuchSarcasm


Photo Credit: MTV and Twitter