Farrah Abraham Lands Another Reality Show?! Leah Calvert & Jeremy Calvert Are More In Love Than Ever!

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You know, divorce-schemorce – all it takes is a little reality TV contract to rekindle the love of Leah Calvert and almost-soon-to-be-ex-husband-no-2-Jeremy Calvert. Speaking of reality TV contracts, Farrah Abraham is also racking them up! 

Farrah has been a busy little beaver (not to be confused with Farrah Abraham has a busy beaver!). She just announced her return to Teen Mom, and she’s also rumored to be signed-on for the sixth season of Couples Therapy with her new boyfriend Simon Saran. She is also allegedly slated to appear on the Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow‘s bad plastic surgery show Botched! after she got a wonky lip implant


Farrah’s father Mike Abraham – aka Famewhore Sr – has been keeping us all abreast of Farrah’s filming activities via his Facebook page. He also staunchly defended Farrah’s re-entry to Teen Mom after it was leaked that the other cast members were disapproving of her adult entertainment career and felt she was a bad influence


Mike also revealed that he and Farrah’s mom Debra Danielson are very supportive of Farrah’s “business ventures” and will be sharing their opinions on reality TV!  “To find out what Debra and I think about Farrah’s business ventures (and yes they are business) you will have to check out two up coming shows that will be aired this Spring… And a few other shows we are working on.”

Farrah’s parents praised the life she is building for Sofia and her strong work ethic – and also how she is bolstering a staggering US economy with her industries. Oh, but they want to be clear: “Legally Farrah has NOT sold her body.” FARRAH ABRAHAM CEO of SMUT Industries – proper diction not required! 

Farrah Abraham boyfriend Simon Saran

Farrah and her new man, Simon, rumored to be already filming for Couples Therapy! 

As for the new shows, Couples Therapy is currently casting and will air in Fall ’15. But Botched! is premiering this spring, and Mike shares that while Farrah was joking about her lip implants – it was far more serious than she let on! “Regarding her plastic surgery … She is ok and recovered but had a bad reaction and we almost lost her… She is well” Farrah talked about her extreme reaction on a recent episode of The Doctors. Farrah says she is taking a break from plastic surgery for a while. 

Farrah Abraham boyfriend Simon Saran - Farrah's lips are healed

Farrah’s lips are back to “normal” 

Interestingly, Starcasm reveals that another reason the other cast members are annoyed with Farrah is that the premiere date for Teen Mom has been delayed to accommodate her late-entry into the cast and film her scenes, but that’s not all Farrah’s fault – an MTV producer basically revealed the show was dullsville and needed the crazy of Farrah! 

Moving on to Leah and Jeremy are now a re-match re-made in Cheeto heaven. Proving the couple never ever broke up and was always forever-ever together despite cheating scandals on both their parts, Leah shared loving text messages from Jeremy on Facebook. Jeremy and Leah celebrated daughter Addie’s second birthday this week, all the whilst filming for Teen Mom 2, and apparently they’re back in love!


“God I love you Leah Dawn idk what it is 1000-percent ‘bout you but you have my heart more than anyone ever has in my life and sometimes it drives me crazy just trying to figure just what it is about you and I think it’s not just one thing, it’s everything about you if that makes sense,” ALLEGEDLY Jeremy gushed. 


“In 24 hours 2 [years] ago around this time you were waking me up yelling at me and shortly after I carried you down the hill on a snowy morning, at 9:45 a.m. [our] baby girl was born,” the person PURPORTED to be Jeremy told Leah. GAG!!! 

Hey here’s a thought – why don’t Leah and Jeremy also go on Couples Therapy?!. And they can take Jenelle and Nathan with them! Oooooohhhhh… #RATINGSGOLD gold like 40 oz of Olde E 800, that is. 


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