Brandi Glanville Talks Smoking Gun On Part 3 Of The Reunion; Says She’d Vote Eileen Off The Show, Slams In Touch Magazine

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Brandi Glanville and Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) have podcasts on PodcastOne and this week Brandi was a guest on Snooki’s.  Brandi dished on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion – and the shocking twist we’ll see during part 3 next week, and also shared who’d she vote off the show if she could. 

Snooki starts off by telling Brandi that she kind of felt bad for her off and on this season because there was a lot of drama for her.  How does she deal with it?  “You know, it’s hard because it’s not like we’re acting, as you know – you’ve been on reality TV.  You don’t get judged as an actress, you get judged as a human being. It’s really hard because they don’t see everything.  You only see six minutes of what they shoot per person and there’s so much more that happens that you can’t explain because you’re not allowed to.  So, I swear there’s a reason I did that, but you can’t tell everyone.  Social media is crazy with haters.”   

Brandi says she tries to brush off the haters as much as she can because she has two little boys to take care of and it’s paying the bills. 

Snooki comments that she loves that Yolanda Foster is always seeing the good in people and is always sticking up for Brandi. “I was just at her house two days ago visiting her and she’s really sick right now, but she is so awesome.  She has daughters who aren’t perfect and she’s used to people not being perfect.  It’s hard because I feel bad that she’s sticking up for me and I don’t want her to feel like she has to but at the same time I feel like ‘Thank God somebody is’.  But she’s awesome and we get along so well.  She’s a little bit more feisty than she comes off on the show.  Like if you heard some of our conversations about cameras, you guys would be dying.” 

Joey and Snooki ask Brandi about the Jeff Lewis WWHL thing.  She is still mad at Jeff because the prank was his idea and he then denied it and acted like it wasn’t planned.  She says her and Andy made up and he’s over being mad about it now. 

Brandi shared that Kristen Taekman had a really tough time with Season 7 of Real Housewives of New York.  Brandi says that Bethenny and Kristen did not hit it off and that Bethenny isn’t one you want to piss off. 

On her own cast of BH, who would she vote off the island?  Snooki asks if it’d be Lisa and/or Kyle, but Brandi says no. She thinks Eileen Davidson should go.  “I think they both are great TV and should stay for the show’s sake.  I think Eileen is extremely boring and should probably go.”  She then joked that Eileen probably deserved the wine toss, but says she’s kidding.  When asked who she’d bring on the show if she could, she says “Drake.”   She then revealed that she and J.R. are back together again. 

They ask if Brandi is still in the new house in Encino that she was leasing with the pool and she says yes, but now the owners want to sell.  So, Brandi will be on the move yet again! 

They ask if there’s any inside info Brandi can share.  “I can tell you that on the 3rd episode of the reunion, there’s a smoking gun at the end that you are not even prepared for and people are gonna FREAK OUT.”  Snooki asks “who’d you punch!?”  Brandi says “I didn’t touch anyone.  Thank God this one has nothing to do with me.”


In other Brandi news, she is hitting back at In Touch’s story about her this week.  She Tweeted, “I NEVER said that! I said it was a tough job because EVERYONE has an opinion as u as a human being!”  She’s referring to the headline on the article below –


Photo Credit: Brian To/ and Twitter