Updated: Brandi Glanville Throws Wine At Jeff Lewis, Pretends To Cry On Most Awkward Episode Of WWHL


For those who tuned in to last night’s Watch What Happens Live with Brandi Glanville and Jeff Lewis, you may be feeling a little “WTH just happened?” That was perhaps the most awkward and odd episode of the show thus far.  I don’t even know how to sum up and recap this one, it was such a disjointed mess. 

First, Brandi wore a see through skirt with some black undies that failed to completely cover her butt cheeks when she stood to show it off.  Andy points out that Brandi’s face looks different and Jeff thinks she’s laid off the fillers a little.  

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Andy shows the clip of Brandi tossing wine in Eileen Davidson’s face and asks if she regrets anything.  “Yeah, I think when you waste wine it’s alcohol abuse.”  She says that she did regret it and doesn’t think she should have to apologize more than once.

In non-Brandi news, Jeff did share that he has a surrogate lined up.  Brandi offers up her eggs.

They played some silly games where Jeff decided if Brandi’s feuds with others were valid or not.  And then Andy encouraged her crassness by playing a guess the penis length game. 

She clears up the rumors about Jax Taylor, claiming they never hooked up – or anything else. 

A caller asks why Brandi is popping her anxiety pills and drinking wine.  Brandi says she takes her Lexapro in the morning and does drink when she’s socializing, but when she has a panic attack, she takes Xanax.  Jeff tries to explain to her that it’s still in her system and shouldn’t be mixed.  And she admits that she does have wine and Xanax on the plane. 

Then a viewer wants to know if Brandi can put her fingers through Jeff’s hair to prove he doesn’t wear a toupe.  Jeff quips, can I get an STD from that?  Brandi jokes “yep, pretty much.”  She then warns Jeff to check himself, but in a playful way.

Brandi says that she knows Kenya Moore uses weaves.  She says that on Celebrity Apprentice they did their hair and makeup together in the same room and she saw it. “I saw them putting her hair in.”

A Tweeter asks what Brandi was thinking by tossing wine in Eileen’s face.  Brandi lets Jeff answer for her and he thinks Brandi was just trying to be playful in the moment and has apologized enough. 

A caller asks what Brandi thinks of Lisa Rinna calling her white trash and saying that she’s like a three year old.  “I think she’s justified in what she says because I can act like a child but I enjoy that side of me.  Half the time I have to be completely adult for two little men and take care of this giant household and everything.  And white trash? It is what it is, that’s how I grew up.”

Another raunchy game of pictionary is played.  One game is plenty per episode, in my humble opinion.

After the break Brandi tells Andy she has something to say to Jeff about the whole STD thing (from fifteen minutes ago..).  She flings wine at Jeff and says that she thinks alcohol will help kill off anything.  It gets sorta awkward.  Jeff pretends to be shocked and horrified and there are several awkward silences.  But you still get the feeling they discussed it during the break.

Brandi says she’s hurt and that what Jeff said hurt her feelings and Jeff apologized and blah blah.  Brandi then pretends to cry.  She turns her chair completely away from the cameras and Jeff and pretends to sob hard and says she’s “taking five.”  Jeff tells her a few times that he’s sorry.  Brandi shouldn’t quit her day job because acting isn’t her thing. 

And then the show ended, so naturally we all turned on the after show to see what would happen.  They were chatting about their dogs and all was fine and dandy. 

After the show Brandi Tweeted,  “People @JLJeffLewis & I were joking!We are good friends !I turned around cuz I couldn’t stop laughing we wanted to fool Andy! #wefooledandy.”

Photo Credit: Twitter & Bravo