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One might think that being arrested for public intoxication and assaulting a police officer at a swanky Beverly Hills hotel would be rock bottom for Kim Richards, but not so say sources who reveal Kim has isolated herself from friends and family and remains completely in denial about her drinking. Guess that’s why she’s buddied up to enabler Brandi Glanville! 

Kim, who was arrested on Thursday at Beverly Hills’ Polo Lounge when she refused to leave after disturbing and harassing other patrons, continues to insist she’s fine and doesn’t need help with her super amazing sobriety. She just got drunk that one time to deal with her horrible pain of being a reality star and her sobriety is perfect and she’s been sobriety for three years! Don’t talk about my sobriety which isn’t a problem having a sobriety! So everyone leave MY SOBRIETY alone! I digress. 

Kim is in denial about the whole event. She is telling people she wasn’t even drinking,” a source close to the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star reveals.



However the official police report reveals Kim’s condition at the time of arrest as, “displaying symptoms of alcohol intoxication including slurred speech and belligerent insolent behavior cursing at the officers and passively resisted arrest.” So wait, now the officers are lying?! Lemme guess – they’re conspiring with Lisa Rinna to ruin Kim’s life!

A source tells People that Kim went to the Polo Lounge alone because “she doesn’t have many friends at this point.” Kim reportedly started drinking after finally watching the 3-part RHOBH reunion. 

Friends say while Kim continues to insist she’s sober and tried to keep up the front (poorly) on RHOBH, the reality is very different and she is refusing to get help! “She doesn’t think she needs to [go to rehab]” a source close to the situation reveals. “What’s sad is that this isn’t her rock bottom.” 

The people hurting the most are Kim’s 4 children, who have been through a lot with their mother’s addiction and are “very disappointed” by this latest incident. “They’re so upset,” shares the source. “This is hard for them.” 

Another source comments that Kim’s relationship with her family has been distant for a while now – and not only with Kyle Richards! “Kim has been on the outs from her family recently. Things are so bad that nobody can deal with her,” an insider shares with Us Weekly.

Multiple sources describe Kim has being constantly “erratic” and  “moody” with everyone. “You can’t even talk to her for two seconds — she turns horrible to everybody. She’s just spiraling out of control.”

Kim has been dealing with a lot from her ex-husband’s terminal illness to her son Chad’s mental health issues, in addition to feuding with Kyle on RHOBH and having personal and family dramas play out on in the public – something she blames Kyle for. 

A second source reveals that Kim has had “a billion chances” with her family who are fed up with her behavior – even sister Kathy Hilton, who has repeatedly tried to help Kim to no avail. “This is so embarrassing.” 


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