Beverly Hills Police Department Releases Statement About Kim Richards’ Arrest; Kim Blames Lisa Rinna & Lisa Vanderpump? Plus, RHOBH Castmates Speak Out!

Kim Richards

As we all know Kim Richards was arrested yesterday for public intoxication, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery on a police officer. Are we allowed to discus Kim’s super awesome amazing soberist-sobriety now? Because we’re going to – even if she threatens to reveal some deep dark terrible secret about me that I don’t even know about myself! 

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star was nabbed at the Beverly Hills’ Polo Lounge around 1:30 am after officers received complaints from hotel security about Kim harassing customers and refusing to leave despite repeated requests by security. 

Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Max Subin stated that when officers arrived on the scene Kim “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol” and was “combative” towards the officers. 


E! News reports that when officers tried to escort Kim from the premises, she asked to use the lobby bathroom first but then Kim refused to leave the bathroom. Arresting officers had to go into the bathroom to retrieve her and she became “passive resistant.” Then officers hauled Kim out in handcuffs, THROUGH THE HOTEL, and placed her in the back of a patrol car! 

Kim was then taken to the BH police department, where during the booking process she was difficult, resisting fingerprinting, and was forced to submit to a mug shot. In the ensuing melee Kim kicked an officer in the leg, which wasn’t too upsetting to officers who are “used to dealing with that sort of behavior” explained Sgt. Rubin. Kim was then placed in a holding cell for the rest of the night to “sober up.” She was cited and released later that morning.  On May 18, Kim is due in LA Superior Court for a hearing.  (This court date is reported about three different ways, depending what site you read, so we’re not claiming the accuracy of it just yet)

Sgt. Subin reports that Kim did not cause any damage to the hotel or injure any of the officers. Later that evening, Kim resurfaced outside her home hiding behind a baseball hat – and hopefully heading to a meeting! Sources say Bravo higher-ups are now concerned and are actively in discussion about removing Kim from the show because she has become a liability. 

According to those close to her, Kim has completely fallen apart since the reunion and blames RHOBH, along with a series of devastating life events, for her relapse. 

Kim is “unable to cope” with all she’s dealing with: Monty dying of stage 4 cancer, her son Chad’s mental health issues (he was reportedly released from UCLA medical center hours before Kim was arrested) financial duress (her alimony and child support has now ended), and planning Brooke’s lavish second wedding. All of this combined with the strain of dealing with reality TV and her public falling out with Kyle Richards as driven Kim to relapse. Losing Kingsley didn’t make the list?

However the final push was Kim finally watching the 3-part RHOBH Reunion. Sources reveal to TMZ that Kim had been putting it off and elected to watch all three episodes together at her daughter Brooke’s house, because it was too upsetting, but per her contractual obligation to submit a final blog, she was required to watch and comment on the reunion. Afterwards, Kim left Brooke’s and apparently started drinking. 

Sources very close to Kim reveal she became furious at Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna while watching the reunion and blamed them for her the issues she’s having with Kyle. Irrationally, Kim believed LVP had  “intentionally driven a wedge” between Kim and Kyle.

Kim accused LVP of being the one who revealed to Kyle, off-camera, that Kim didn’t want her at Brooke’s wedding, and it “deeply hurt” Kim when she learned the news. Of course, Kim does not take ownership for her own behavior and her irascible relationship with Brandi Glanville for the falling-out with Kyle. But this is Kim. 

Finally, Kim’s RHOBH co-stars are speaking out abut her situation and have had nothing but positive and kind things to say via twitter. Kyle has not commented.

Adrienne Maloof told E! News she believes Kim’s actions are “a cry for help” and said Kim needs help. A source shares that Brandi is also incredibly concerned “and has, of course, reached out.”

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LVP added that the everyone on RHOBH recognized the “Sad situation” and “also I know my castmates only came from a place of concern.” 

I personally think Kim needs to retire from reality TV – it’s clearly not a platform she can emotionally handle. 


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