Lisa Rinna Questions Why Kim Richards Never Writes Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Blogs; Brandi Glanville Is Back With JR!

Lisa Rinna

Last night Lisa Rinna went on a bit of a tirade on twitter regarding Kim Richards. Clearly things get worse and more aggressive between the two at the upcoming Real Housewives OF Beverly Hills reunion and Lisa is not over all the accusations and drama – or being blamed for Brandi Glanville stirring up the whole ‘Kim needs help!’ mess in the first place. 

In a series of now deleted tweets, Lisa questioned why Kim, who is at the center of all the drama this season, is the only one who never writes her Bravo blogs. According to Lisa, writing while drunk is really, really hard. Tell that to Brandi

Last night Lisa was asked why Bravo doesn’t make all the Housewives write blogs. “Isn’t it part of the housewives contracts,” the tweet inquired. Lipsa, who wants us to know no to believe anything unless we hear it from her lips responded, “#exactly.”



Lipsa followed that up by saying only Yolanda Foster, who has memory and brain functioning issues due to Lyme Disease should be excused, but the other non-blogging Housewives must have “something to hide. Or are they too inebriated to write a blog? You tell me.” Clearly she’s referring to KimKillah, who has lots and lots of rambles, just not in written format, because then all the gobbledygook would be glaring her in the face, reflecting like the sheen of menace and venom from Kingsley’s eyeballs. 

lr-2LR-Kim-Tweet When called out for not naming Kim by name, Lipsa course-corrected and immediately confirmed she was speaking about Kim. 


Lisa has since deleted all the tweets, but insists she has nothing to hide. “Clearly that was something bothering me. Got it off my chest now moving on,” she explained. Adding, “Somebody stop me! Lol” Lisa is gonna become Jacqueline Laurita and need a Twittervention soon. Uh-Oh… I said the naughty RHOBH word “Intervention!”

Lisa wouldn’t give details about what got her so riled up last night, but she did tweet that she is still bothered by the reunion. “What I can tell you……is that reunion is off the f–king charts!!!!!!” 

Per the preview it seems Kim accuses Harry Hamlin of having an affair. “There’s a shocking a shocking smoking gun involving Lisa Rinna that comes out,” Andy dished to E! News. When asked if Kim fell off the wagon, Andy trips up and says “uhhh… we…,” before quickly correcting and replying, “She says she’s OK.” 

Brandi Glanville and her boyfriend JR

Moving on, Brandi certainly is drinking and dating. She’s now back with on-again/off-again cheating boyfriend JR! Last week she was gushing about dating a hot teacher, but apparently that was very short-lived. I wonder why… Brandi hopped on twitter to promote JR’s real estate business, he works for The Agency, Mauricio Umansky‘s firm, and Brandi didn’t hesitate to insult Mauricio’s business in her tweet. How classy!

“If you need to buy or sell your home call or email Jonathon Ruiz @TheAgencyRE (not anyone else there ) 😉 Im an expensive girlfriend !!!” Brandi advertised on twitter. Then she realized she spelled JR’s name wrong. “Hahaha I spelled my boyfriends name wrong it’s JonothAn geeez! It’s the thought that counts right??” she laughed. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.36.42 PM

Well, well all the accusations that Brandi uses a ghostwriter to pen her blogs are seeming more true every day. Even Kyle confirmed it! Kyle has not commented on Brandi slamming Mauricio’s firm. What the hell does JR see in her… Brandi cannot be good for business. 


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