Shahs Of Sunset Stars Reza Farahan And Mike Shouhed Face Off Over Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi’s Accusations

Shahs of Sunset

Mike Shouhed is “the chosen one” on Shahs of Sunset this season. Mike is common enemy #1 as a result of Reza Farahan, MJ Javid, and Asa Soltan Rahmati siding with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, when she accused Mike of trying to sleep with her last year in Turkey.

This week, Mike and Reza met up to discuss the issue. Mike told Reza he was mad, adding, “You not telling me about Golnesa‘s accusations is like you not telling me I’m about to get hit by a bus, because that is exactly what happened.” Reza admitted GG is crazy, drinks too much, abuses mood stabilizers, and is hardly a reliable source of information. However, he continued, “But everyone knows Mike’s ding-a-ling is very social.” Reza also told Mike that he needs to be “held accountable” because he “pulled away” from the group. What I heard is, Reza doesn’t necessarily believe GG over Mike, but Mike needs to be punished for spending more time with Jessica than Reza.


Mike and Reza took to their blogs to share their thoughts on their chat.

“I was so shocked that this guy, who was like a brother to me, wasn’t protecting me!” bemoaned Mike. “How could he be so cold? I’m beginning to feel like you can’t really count on anyone anymore.”

Mike added that he doesn’t feel his “friends” respect Jessica. “This is a hard group to break into. They are very protective and aggressive to any newcomer. I do not think that Jessica gave the group a fair chance and vice versa. Strong people demand respect, and I don’t feel like my crew gave Jessica any!”

Considering Mike lived and watched Shahs of Sunset season 2 and Shahs of Sunset season 3, I find it hard to believe he’s so “shocked” to realize his friends are vile, self-serving, rotten people.

Reza blogged about how Mike and GG‘s drama affects Reza. Because, Reza. 

“My talk with Mike was very difficult,” said Reza. “It was hard for me, because Mike couldn’t understand the fact that GG, like himself, is family, and when you have two family members who have an issue and one of them shares something with you because it’s weighing on them, but requests that you keep it to yourself until they have a chance to deal with it, you respect that, period!”

Because, PINKY SWEAR, the unofficial season four cast member.

Mike has a tendency to point fingers and deflect,” continued Reza. “I was just looking for Mike to get real and see things from Asa, MJ, and my perspective. This was information that was dropped in my lap, I wasn’t involved, and I wanted GG to address Mike directly. I know Mike very well. I truly don’t care where he sticks his dool, as long as it’s outside of our circle. His actions, and by actions I mean the blame game, created a painful wedge between us and Mike.”

Reza said he loved every second of hated being in the middle of the GG and Mike drama, adding, “It’s just like being caught in a fight between your brother and sister. There’s no winning. I tried to stay out of it and allow GG to handle something that occurred. It wasn’t my place to run to Mike, GG is just as important to me as Mike is, and I had high hopes that she would take care of it in private.”

“I really don’t want to be put into that type of situation again,” insisted Reza. “I had a lot of stress and sleepless nights because of what transpired.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo