WWHL: Brandi Glanville Felt Vindicated At RHOBH Reunion; Mike Shouhed Denies Fake Engagement Ring Accusations


Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live guests were Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and Shahs of Sunset’s Mike Shouhed.  The duo talked friendships, cheating and bitchy co-stars.

Andy opens by asking Brandi and Mike if they know each other.  “He just tried to have sex with me in the back,” Brandi spouts off.  Kicking the show off with class, naturally.  Mike says “you and Golnesa would say yes.”

Things are definitely not any better between Brandi and Kyle RichardsBrandi says that she ran into Kyle at Sephora in NYC earlier in the day (she’s a guest on WWHL tomorrow night) and Kyle ran out of the store.  “I had to get my lashes, I had to stay.”  She says they didn’t speak at all. They play a game and during it Brandi says that she thinks the Kenya/Apollo texting mess was all a lie and she says she spent a lot of time with Kenya on Apprentice and she thinks Apollo is too dumb for anything else. 

Andy then plays a preview clip from the RHOBH reunion where Brandi is sniping at Andy.  He asks Brandi if the reunion was as bad as she thought it was going to be.  “I think the first half was really difficult and then after seeing everyone somewhat tell the truth, I was like ‘thank God!'”   She says, “I thought everyone came in with a plan and they did come in with a plan but their plans all fell to pieces.  So at the end I felt vindicated.  I just wanted to get the heck out of there.” 

Andy asks Mike about GG’s accusations about him trying to have sex with her in Turkey.  “It happened, supposedly, one year ago.  Never brought up until I’m just about to get engaged and brings it up every chance she gets. I think she has a secret crush and I’ve known her since she was 13.  She’s like my little sister.”  He tells Andy that he and GG have never been together.

A caller asks Brandi if she has any regrets this season and if so what?  “My biggest regret was smacking LVP.”  Andy asks if she regrets that more than the wine toss at Eileen.  “I would’ve thrown the wine all over again.”

Andy wants to know if he’s bothered by Reza’s smack talking about him.  For example, claiming that the ring Mike was showing off to his parents isn’t the ring Jessica has now.  It’s much cheaper, so he says.  Mike denies it.  “Reza can be so bitchy.  He’s such a little girl the way he talks about me sometimes.  My shoes cost more than his car payment and he’s talking about me having a ring that I faked on the show. That’s not the type of guy I am, so you’re gonna talk shit? He had the forum to talk and he ran his mouth.”

Brandi says her dad is doing well.

The next caller wants to know the scoop on the Brandi/Jeff Lewis wine toss last time they were on.  Brandi says it was a joke.  “Jeff and I wanted to kind of tease you (Andy) so we had agreed we would do something but he didn’t tell me what he was going to say.”  She says they just improvised the whole thing, blah blah.  Does anybody still care this long later?

Why does Mike think Jessica is so uncomfortable around his friends on the show?  “Because my friends are very protective of me and we are just protective of each other and anytime there’s an outsider that comes in, they get the third degree.  And Jessica has been kind of hated on since the beginning.  She’s a tough cookie so it’s hard to warm up to her. 

Andy then says GG is Tweeting up a storm during the show, claiming to have proof that he’s a cheater and has even tried to hook up with Marysol Patton. Mike doesn’t say anything really and takes a drink.


The next question is: who does Brandi think is the biggest hypocrite on the show?  “Kyle. The definition of a hypocrite is acting like one thing and doing another and that’s all she does.”

Poll question tonight was – Who Do You Believe: Mike or GG?  67% believe GG.


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