Kim Richards Bolts From Dr. Phil Interview When He Offers Rehab And Had A “Complete Melt Down!”

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Kim Richards is A. Mess. Instead of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills she needs to high-tail it to Intervention! Days after her arrest for public intoxication and disturbing the peace, the troubled reality star sat down with Dr. Phil to allegedly “take responsibility” for her behavior and her drinking, but sources say Kim was a disaster during the interview and fled the set when Dr. Phil confronted her about going to rehab

With 3 of her children and Kathy Hilton present, Kim stormed out of the interview and hid in her hotel suite arguing with her children and Dr. Phil staffers about her condition and getting treatment. 

Of course, this is just how Kim rolls – production sources for RHOBH have been covertly spilling all about how impossible Kim has been to work with over the years, explaining that her drinking, irascible (and dangerous) behavior, and a refusal to get help has been a constant problem – including becoming a major insurance liability! 


Production sources from Dr. Phil reveal that Kim screamed obscenities at Dr. Phil and staff and ripped off her mic before retreating to her dressing room where she escalated further when her daughter Brooke and son Chad confronted Kim about her drinking and drug use!

During the interview Dr. Phil pressed Kim to be really honest about her struggles and and accept treatment. Kim reportedly became combative and started crying on-set, then abruptly fled, refusing to return to the interview. Dr. Phil had offered to send Kim to an intensive 90-day treatment facility and foot the bill – she was heard by witnesses “screaming up and down the hallway” as she ran away from Dr. Phil and staff. Gee… are we surprised? Anybody?????  

Kim allegedly created a massive scene at the elegant Beverly Wiltshire hotel where the interview took place.  So this would be the SECOND luxury BH hotel where Kim has behaved disgracefully in the span of a week… Hey – maybe she can assault someone at the Ritz just for good measure! 

Kim’s children Brooke, Chad, and Kimberly, who accompanied her to the interview were “shocked” by Kim’s vitriolic outburst. Her children were “struggling to control their emotions as she left the explosive interview,” reports an eyewitness. They tried to convince Kim to return to the interview, but Kim was adamant about leaving.

Kim “was overheard ranting, ‘You can forget this whole thing, here’s your microphone I’m done, I’m leaving, I wanna talk to my family,” says a source. “She was really angry and made it clear she was done.” 

As Kim hid in her room berating Dr. Phil and staff, her son Chad, who has dealt with his own mental health issues as of late, was overheard pleading with her to go to rehab. Chad also revealed that in addition to drinking Kim has been taking pills and smoking pot (THAT’s ALL KYLE’S FAULT – she’s a giant pothead – just ask Brandi <eye roll>). 

Kim argued that the rehab program offered by Dr. Phil – a 60-day in-patient treatment facility – didn’t fit her needs “saying she wouldn’t go out of state, wanted to do a 30-day not 60-day program, didn’t want to miss her daughter Brooke’s wedding in May and was worried about being away from Monty,” an eyewitness recounted. Brooke and Kim then erupted into an argument about her addiction issues. 

Kim yelled at Brooke, “I’m not going down there, I’m not going for three months and I’m not going to miss your wedding.” Brooke however begged her mom to go to the program and promised they work out a way for her to leave treatment for the day to attend the wedding, but Kim found that idea embarrassing. As if it’s not already embarrassing for everyone to know you were just arrested because you’re such a sloppy, crazy drunk?!

A source says a furious Brooke screamed, “What’s the big deal? Why do you have to be so f***ing picky, just go get the help you need. You have to do this mom!” The heated argument continued, with Kim finally overhead yelling, “‘I’m not drinking every day!” at one of Brooke’s accusations. Kim ultimately refused the treatment, saying she would work with her own doctor, therapist, and family. Then she started pushing Brooke away, claiming she was stressing her out. But Chad picked up where Brooke left-off and in the course of their arguing, he revealed just how bad her situation is. 

When her children started confronting her about her behavior Kim had a “complete meltdown,” alleges the on-set source. “Kim was furious.” 

Dr. Phil finally intervened. “I do respect you and admire you… I do trust you, I don’t know you, but I know you, so I can trust you and my kids trust you,” a calmed-down Kim rambled. Adding that she wasn’t ready to make a decision about treatment until she spoke to her “life-coach.” HA! I imagine Kathy asking said, life-coach, “You do magic now?” 

Dr. Phil also spoke to Kim’s children asking them if they “agreed” that she needs treatment and serious help. They did. “I want to do it, I just need to be in a safe place and need to know where I’m going,” Kim was overheard whining. Dr. Phil called her out on making excuses and quipped, “Don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat your kids, just remember I told you that.” 

In photos at the Daily Mail you can see Kim on set. Of course, given that this is Daily Mail the above story may be dubious, but I can SEE it happening based on my experience as an expert on RHOBH. Of course we’ll find out next week –  the interview airs next Tuesday, April 28th! 

Kim’s loved ones are desperate to get her help, but say she is “past the point of being reasonable” about her issues. Giving more details about what happened the night of Kim’s arrest a source from the Polo Lounge says the trouble started over dinner when Kim was meeting friends, but something happened and they left the restaurant, then Kim turned to the bar at the Polo Lounge. 

“She [Kim] became loud, yelling and laughing at other people. She was slurring, and people were moving away because they didn’t want to be on the receiving end of her comments,” a patron recounts to Us Weekly. Bartenders stopped serving her and security attempted to escort her out, but Kim refused to budge. Then she fled to the bathroom and refused to come out! That’s when the police were called to the scene. 


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