Cynthia Bailey Is Really Proud Of Her Role In Kenya Moore’s Life Twirls On

Cynthia Bailey in Life Twirls On

Cynthia Bailey used her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog to gush over her role in Kenya Moore‘s pilot Life Twirls On. Apparently nothing else happened in the season finale that was worth a mention.

Cynthia said she’s dabbled in acting over the years but she obviously focused on modeling, adding, “More recently, over the past couple of years I have been cast for different roles, and I have fallen head over heels in love with acting.”

“So when Kenya told me about her pilot and that she was interested in Noelle’s dad, Leon, for one of the roles,” explained Cynthia, “I immediately let her know that I wanted to audition for it. Up until that point, Kenya knew nothing of my acting ambitions, and seemed a bit reluctant to let me try out. I knew that if she gave me the opportunity to audition, I would only have one chance to impress her. I showed up at the audition on time, in character, totally prepared, dressed to impress, and showed out!! I landed the role!!”


Cynthia said she enjoyed playing CeCe and credited hubby Peter for helping her prepare. “I had a blast watching myself on screen as CeCe in Kenya‘s pilot Life Twirls On! It was so much fun to play such a colorful character with a funny, quirky, eccentric, outspoken, over-the-top personality. I have to admit that the Jamaican accent was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to Peter’s help, I was up for it.”

Life Twirls On

“Life Twirls On trailer coming soon!!!” ~ Kenya on Instagram

Cynthia went all “go big or go home” for the role, “Although I am a newbie to acting, I still expected Kenya to challenge me and take me outside of my box. I jumped out with both feet and went for it!”

Kenya is serious about Life Twirls On, so Cynthia knew she had to approach the role seriously, as well. (Lordy … I’m an unapologetic Kenya fan … and I still can’t take Cynthia’s blog seriously.) “One of the things that Kenya and I share in common is that we are both perfectionists. I knew that if I didn’t take my audition seriously, she would not have cast me for the role. I also knew that if I got the role and did not deliver, she would have fired me (friends or no friends). Failure was not an option! I was grateful for the opportunity and did not want to disappoint Kenya, and more importantly, myself.”

Cynthia concluded, “I thought Life Twirls On was hilarious, and Kenya did a great job writing, acting, casting, directing, and producing it. I know how hard she worked on the pilot, and I was proud to be a part of it.”

Come back to reality, Cynthia. Ha. I mean, I can appreciate her excitement over a fun new job, but come on. She is laying it on a little thick, like she just won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress or something.


Photo Credit: Instagram