Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Mother Patricia Altschul Explains The T-Rav Political Ad Shown On Southern Charm

 southern charm patricia

This week Patricia Altschul, mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith and one of our favorite Southern Charm cast members, decided to clear up a few things we saw on recent episodes. 

Patricia blogged to share that, first, Whitney’s not a bad doggy dad.  She admits, “I have a confession to make: Monty, the adorable Lagotto Romagnolo I claimed to have given Whitney as a gift, I actually got for myself. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate about his own dog, Smoochie. Whitney is just able, unlike his mother, to focus his fervor on one pet at a time. If he seemed reluctant about training Monty, it’s because he was running around doing errands getting ready to leave that night to go to the party at Blenheim Palace.”

She also shared that Whitney shouldn’t take the heat/credit for Thomas Ravenel’s dancing girls ‘raise the roof’ political ad.  It wasn’t his idea alone.  Patricia reveals, “Speaking of ‘fessing up, I want to divulge something that my overly polite son won’t. Whitney did not dream up the now infamous T-Rav campaign ad, “Raising the Roof,” all by himself. The concept was a communal, collective idea. Scott Wheeler, T-Rav’s first campaign manager, who is highly competent, thought that a non-traditional message was the only way to go. Whitney brought in a film crew from Hollywood. As Whitney told me, it’s “the same crew that made the pilot for Southern Charm which was then sold to Bravo.” Whitney has a successful career in film and now in television and is certainly capable of filming an ad. Ironically, since Southern Charm has been showing “Raising the Roof,” it has gotten national media attention. This was the original intention at the beginning of this exercise.” 

And, that fun (and insanely expensive) Birkin bag she showed off wasn’t just for rich-lady kicks.  It was an investment.  “Now about that bubble gum pink alligator, one-of-a-kind Birkin bag…It was bought strictly as an investment, because Birkin bags are actually bought and traded as commodities. I have never worn nor carried it anywhere. In fact, it sits, unsullied and pristine, in its original box waiting to be sold for a nice profit.” 

Tonight is an all new episode of Southern Charm at 10pm EST.  Patricia is hosting an all-male dinner party in the hope that leaving out the females will mean no drama, but she clearly overestimates the maturity of Thomas and Whitney

Photo Credit: Bravo TV