Kristen Taekman Talks Forgiving Ramona Singer And Dealing With Bethenny Frankel

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Kristen Taekman always finds herself the victim of a Real Housewives Of New York alpha female. Last year she tussled with Ramona Singer and got wine’d in the face, and this year she butts heads with Bethenny Frankel

Calling Housewives “cattier” than models, Kristen hasn’t always been sure how to handle the outrageous drama. Like the time Ramona flung a wine glass at her last season. “The whole thing was insane. I don’t want to say dreaming because it definitely wasn’t a dream it was more of a nightmare,” Kristen reflects. “People still comment with me on that because people say that would have done this to her and that to her but I was treading water in a lake. Once I tasted the blood I was like I’m staying far away from her.”


Kristen never considered taking legal action against Ramona or leaving the show over the incident because she could see Ramona was “instantly remorseful,” in addition to dealing with some personal problems that made her lash out. “I could see it in her face right away like ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?'”

Kristen also echos that this season we’ll be seeing a new and improved Ramona. “She’s come full circle and clearly she’s going through quite a bit which we didn’t know about last season but we know now.” 

Moving on to Bethenny, Kristen was initially “thrilled” by her return to the show which brought about a “great dynamic change.” Kristen laughs that the original Housewives refer to themselves as the “OG’s” 

Kristen defends Bethenny’s decision to re-join RHONY and doesn’t view it as as a step backwards. “I’m come from the place of you had a talk show like that’s amazing. How many people do you know that are offered this amazing opportunity to do a talk show? Coming back to reality TV is her home,” she tells Fox News 411. “She feels comfortable and safe in the space and she’s really good at it.”

And Kristen also feels like at home on RHONY. “Last season I was really getting to know the other girls and you’re building relationships. You’re really finding your way. This year I have the relationships built.”

Tonight is a new episode of RHONY where Heather and Bethenny erupt into their infamous drama – albeit over Kristen. Bethenny throws herself a last-minute birthday dinner and only invites select few, but Kristen doesn’t make the cut. Meanwhile Luann and Sonja have fun being cougars. And Ramona ends up flirting with her business partner! 

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