Dr. Phil On Kim Richards: He’s Not Letting Her Get Away With Anything!

Kim Richards Sits-Down With Dr. Phil To Talk Alcoholism & Arrest

Today Kim Richards will be talking to Dr. Phil about her arrest and her issues with alcohol. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is presently in rehab following the difficult sit-down, which included an intervention from 3 of her children. 

Speaking out about Kim’s state of mind during the interview, Dr. Phil admits he’s concerned about her overall health and stability. The interview left no turn unturned as Kim was confronted about her toxic friendship to Brandi Glanville, whether or not reality TV is healthy for her, her relationship with Kyle Richards, and her constant denial about her own behavior – including blaming the police, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and RHOBH for her arrest! 

Dr. Phil shares that Kim got “frustrated” with him throughout the interview because he wouldn’t let her standard behavior of accusations, threats, and excuses stand.  “Addicts and alcoholics are great at deflecting, and I think she’s shown a lot of that behavior. I’m not real good at letting people do that… ,” he explained. “I didn’t let her wiggle, and think it was very frustrating for her.”


Dr. Phil doesn’t entirely blame Kim for her deflection, however.  “I think she doesn’t remember a lot of it, frankly, which is a matter of concern. I think she is fuzzy on a lot of it, which is, as I say, cause for concern.”

As for the widely-reported meltdown Kim had during filming, Dr. Phil refers to it as the “anxiety storm” that occurs when addicts are no longer allowed to get away with their standard defense mechanisms. “That’s their stock and trade of deflect, change the subject, control, manipulate, and you take those things away from them, they kind of run out of coping energy,” Dr. Phil tells Extra. “I think when it happens, you’ve gotta have a big anxiety rush — and I think that’s a lot of what’s going on.”

Someone who is very familiar with Kim’s behavior in that respect is Kyle – and Dr. Phil reveals that Kim and Kyle have spoken since her arrest, and he did discuss their relationship with Kim – and Kingsley biting Kyle’s daughter. “You’ll hear her speak about that. They’ve not been in a lot of contact, but they did have some contact with regard to this event, so that comes out.” 

Overall Dr. Phil sees Kim as a woman in need of serious help, but a nice woman with a good heart who raised wonderful children. “Somebody’s done something right along the way to have kids that turned out that well, so overall I came away with a positive impression of her,” Dr. Phil reflects. “But think that obviously she has some things she needs to deal with.”

Dr. Phils in-depth sit-down with Kim airs today – check your local listing for times. 


[Photo Credit: CBS]