Wendy Williams Vs. NeNe Leakes; Drama Erupts Backstage With Wendy’s Husband Kevin!

Wendy Williams Vs. NeNe Leakes

Well, Well, Well… some real life drama went on between Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes!

The ladies were both featured speakers at The Ultimate Women’s Expo at Georgia World Congress Center when the longtime enemies engaged in some serious pettiness backstage. Way to set the example LAAAAAAYDEEEES. 

Someone who is surely Andy Cohen‘s spirit twin, or was a covert agent on behalf of WWHL Spytelligences, positioned NeNe and Wendy’s dressing rooms right next to each other which boded oh so perfectly for brewing conflict it was almost a docuseries of its own. When Wendy’s husband Kevin learned of the close-proximity to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, he demanded coordinators move NeNe to a different dressing room location. 


Kevin was adamant that he wanted his wife nowhere near NeNe! He told them to move her as far away as possible,” dished a source. Well NeNe was not happy to learn this and she dished it right back. 

Well, as you know, NeNe is not one who will be moved unless she decides to storm out on her own volition. Wendy took the stage at 1PM as the keynote speaker, followed immediately by NeNe, who greeted the enthusiastic crowd of thousands by announcing she was “home” then dropping some shade on Wendy. “I live my life as an open book and I’m happy I don’t need ten rules to live by!” This enraged Kevin

As a result of NeNe’s dig, Kevin STORMED the stage while NeNe was speaking! Imagining this was a RHOA reunion and he was cosplaying the role of Peachter Thomas, Kevin started shrieking and screaming; demanding NeNe leave the stage report witnesses who said the entire display was embarrassing and disgraceful! 

Kevin pushed through the curtains and stormed the stage and was cursing at the top of his lungs. ‘He kept yelling ‘get her m*********ing ass off the stage. We don’t f*** with her! Wendy don’t f*** with her. Cut that b****’s mic off!” a witness recounts. 

Of course NeNe’s number one protector and defender Diana Gowins leapt to her defense and began confronting Kevin. This was, mind you, while NeNe was ON STAGE. NeNe, who is trained on BROOOOOAWAY, blithely continued speaking as Kevin and Diana argued with each other. Witnesses say NeNe didn’t even seem to realize what was going on behind her. 

Finally event coordinators called SECURRRTY to diffuse the situation and break Kevin and Diana apart. Convinced to go backstage where Wendy was signing books, a furious Kevin, demanded she cut the signing short and leave the expo, angering fans.”The crowd began to boo,” an onlooker tells The Daily Mail.  Event coordinators were forced to have security escort Kevin and Wendy from the premises as a result! All because of NeNe’s presence at the event. 

“By the time Kevin and Wendy got through the other side of the curtains, the event organizers and security were waiting for them and four police officers escorted them off the premises and to their waiting car,” reveals the witness, adding that the expo had to refund 80 tickets for attendees who had paid in advance for the book signing. 

NeNe meanwhile was in her own NeNe-centric world the entire time and didn’t learn of the shenanigans until after her speech wrapped. NeNe hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident but confirmed on WWHL that she was aware of what transpired. 

“I didn’t even see Wendy or her husband today. But a lot happened backstage with her husband, I heard,” she admitted to Andy. “Just because I was on stage, he went completely crazy, I heard.” NeNe maintains she has no idea why Wendy turned on her and suddenly started hating on her during her talk show. 

I wonder how Wendy will handle this “Hot Topic”!


[Photo Credit: WENN & Instagram]