NeNe Leakes Goes Off About Donation to Detroit Public Schools Foundation; Snarks About Being The Show Runner Now

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NeNe Leakes and SNL’s Cecily Strong were guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight after part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episode.  Cecily didn’t get to say a whole lot because NeNe had a lot to say.  She had a lot of words to say but it didn’t feel like she shared any new info or insights. 

After two games we finally get to the questions.  A fan wants to know if NeNe is EVER going to donate to Detroit Public Schools Foundation.  And this sets her off on a rant aimed mostly at Andy for relaying the question.   “Please stop asking me about that. I don’t care what these people ask you. I will do what I want to do when I want to do it.  Let’s be very clear about that. They can Tweet and ask you anything they want to.  I do what I want to do.  I’m not going to be forced to do anything.”  She adds, “I’m gonna tell you this.  When it comes down to charity, it should not be made out of a mockery.  It shouldn’t be anything you’re talking about constantly on your show, on social media.  The idea was that you don’t make charity out of a mockery. You’re doing something from the goodness of your heart and want to donate to charity, you donate the right way. Who writes a check and posts it on social media and tries to say ‘I’m donating to charity’?  People donate to charity in private.  Nobody does that bullshit.” 

I have to interject here because Andy just let it go and didn’t press her further.   The reason Kenya went ‘public‘ on social media with her check as ‘proof’ is because there was so much back and forth about the two of them not donating between the time the challenge was issued BY NENE on the reunion show LAST YEAR and the two still hadn’t donated by the time the show aired a long while later.  Kenya did drag her feet, too, but she DID finally donate in October.  NENE challenged her and told Kenya to name the charity and said that when Kenya sent her check, she’d send hers.  But now NeNe is acting all indignant and like people are being too pushy and she’s not ready to donate yet – more than a year later.  Don’t issue the challenge on a TV show if you want to donate privately.  Enough already.  I’m over this mess. 


A caller asks NeNe who she wants to be ‘off the show’ this year.  “I’m like the show runner I guess.  I hire and fire everybody.  I have been given that position for some reason. As soon as I say something, everybody’s like ‘oh she tryin’ to get me fired’.  Apparently they’re not secure in their jobs. The moment I say a name I get all this flak about ‘she’s trying to get me fired.’  Who do I think should go? I already said it before, I think we have too many girls that are single around the show. I think we should have more married women around the show.  Granted it’s very fun to have a single woman on the show but the purpose of having a single woman on the show is one that is dating.  We don’t see anybody that is single on our show dating and looking for love.  Not one girl on this show is single and looking for love.  We don’t see nobody dating on our show. Not one.  They ain’t been on a date that we can see. That would be great, that as a married woman we could be like ‘oh my god girl, so what happened on your date last night.’  We don’t need to do any of that because none of them are dating.  But they’re all fine and beautiful and think they can catch everything.” 

Andy remarks that all of the New York Housewives are “screwing” 25 year olds and calls it “amazing.”  NeNe replies “I don’t know who would want to date a 25 year old at their age.”

Does NeNe think her personality changed from season 1 to now? “I don’t know.  I think I’m still the same NeNe, but I have to say I’ve definitely grown from season 1.  You have to grow. I get asked this all the time.  ‘You’ve changed’ and was thinking ‘damn, was I supposed to be the same’? You have to change over the years.  There’s no way possible I could still be the same person as seven years ago. That’s crazy.” 

A fan wants to know why it feels like NeNe and Kandi never really vibed with each other from the very beginning.  “I’m bored at that question.  I’m so bored, chile.”  She says they might just be those people who don’t mix. “Next question.”

The poll of the night was which NeNe wig was the best this season – Ramen Noodles won out with 35% of the votes over Bride of Frankenstein, Dutch Boy and Wicked Stepmother. 


Photo Credit: Twitter