Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: That’s Got A Nice Ring To It!

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I am not quite sure how to take this season’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. While the men are as messy as ever (I’m still looking at you, Kirk!), the women’s behavior is all over the charts. Is Mimi a hustler or most questionable of the group? Do the “artists” some of the folks are trying to “manage” understand the concept of professionalism? What is the world coming to when Stevie J. is the most normal person on the show? I don’t have many more evens to can’t.

Last night’s episode begins with the much touted meeting between Nikko’s wife Margeaux and Joseline Hernandez. Joseline is hoping that her enemy’s enemy could potentially be her best friend. Margeaux admits that it’s hard to be in Atlanta where she has no ties, and Nikko’s sex tape with Mimi Faust has thrown her for a loop. While she and Nikko weren’t together when he made the tape with Mimi Faust, Margeaux didn’t like being married to a man who the world thinks leaked the shower rod video. Margeaux lets it slip that it was Mimi’s plan to devise the story surrounding how Vivid ended up with the footage because she was hurting for cash. From inception to post-production, Mimi was in charge even though she played the victim. Joseline isn’t surprised in the least to learn this news, and she can’t wait to use it against Stevie J.’s ex.


Across town, Mimi is trying to make amends with Tiffany Foxx after Stevie ruined her artist showcase with his drunken shenanigans. Tiffany wasn’t keen on her potential management team’s antics, and she hopes that Mimi has both an explanation and an apology. Mimi explains that Stevie’s behavior was the symptom of a bigger problem and he’s now in rehab. She fully intends to deliver the tracks that Tiffany wants to record whether Stevie is the producer–she knows other big names who would love to get in the studio with Tiffany. Tiffany reveals she already has a manager, but she likes Mimi’s hustle, so she’s willing to give her a chance. Speaking of second chances, Momma Dee is reconciling with ex-husband Ernest now that he’s out of jail. He is wining and dining her at a chicken wing restaurant, but she’s going to overlook the horrible date locale just this once. They rehash their past indiscretions, and Ernest proclaims he wants to do better. He slides a pink cocktail over to Momma Dee, gifting her with a promissory ring (which must be similar to a bank note?) which he has cleverly attached to the cherry in her drink. According to Dee, it’s an epic fail. She calls it ghetto, reminding him that the queen would never accept a ring out of a Cracker Jack box in a wing joint. However, she changes her tune and wears the ring proudly after she realizes she’s hurt Ernest’s feelings. 

lhhatl joseline

Still peeved that Stevie forced her to attend one of his counseling sessions, Joseline plans to focus on planning her over-the-top ceremony while he’s predisposed. Karlie Redd is helping her narrow down invitations, and she loves to hear the gossip that Joseline has garnered from Margeaux. Joseline then shares that she is organizing a party in Stevie’s absence in hopes of  cultivating new friendships with some of the ladies. This is going to end well! Meanwhile, Kirk Frost is working on building his family’s new home. Rasheeda surprises him at the job site to question why he’s spend more than $30,000 in one day. Doesn’t he know that she has access to their joint bank accounts? He can spend huge sums of money with no discussion, but she can’t have her store? Even Karlie has her own store! Kirk wonders if Rasheeda’s beef is with him or Karlie. Rasheeda refuses to listen to his attempts to change the subject. He needs to figure out a way to get the new home construction back on budget while she’s out scouting the perfect store front. 

Despite her friends laughing at Mimi’s managerial skills, Jessica Dime plans to listen to Mimi’s proposal. After all, she promoted the hell out of her own sex tape, and she comes partnered with one of the most notorious producers in the business. Mimi plans to seal the deal. Jessica wasn’t just Joseline’s friend at the strip club, she was once signed to Flo Rida’s label. Mimi is trying to prove she’s a professional by throwing out Tiffany Foxx’s name as another potential client, but all Jessica hears is that Mimi’s focus won’t be solely on her. The ladies decide to work together short term so that Mimi can show Jessica how great a manager she can be. 

lhhatl rasheeda

Stella isn’t the only one who has gotten her groove back…Momma Dee has too! She is dog-walking with Prince Lil’ Scrappy, and she announces relationship with Scrappy’s former step-father Ernest. Scrappy can’t help but laugh. Does she remember how dysfunctional they were as a couple? However, Scrappy is happy with any news that will hopefully keep his mother from butting in on his life 24/7. His sister will be another story. Dee shares her grand plan to host a dinner party at Scrappy’s palace with her daughter Jasmine, who hates Ernest, and Ernest’s mother, who hates Dee. Scrappy is already thinking up places to hide the liquor and weapons. It’s going to be ridiz-nigh-iculous event. Later, Kirk is hosting a guys’ night to celebrate Tony Vick’s new baby. Yung Joc was apparently able to free himself from being tied to his bed, so that’s good news! Tony admits that the expense of another child is daunting, and he’s planning to make some quick cash by investing the last of his savings in a new club venture. Does Kirk want to invest? Kirk laughs that he and his wife are having their own money issues. Joc doesn’t have these problems, but he does have a girlfriend who strapped him to a bed and whipped him. If that’s not love, what is? He hopes he’s able to win her back.

lhhatl faith

Faith Evans comes to visit Stevie at rehab. The late Biggie’s wife is like a sister to him. He discusses his fears about Joseline not being on board with the seriousness of him maintaining his sobriety. Faith can see how determined he is about making the right decisions, and she feels that a collaboration is the next step for the old friends. Stevie believes that it’s his time to refocus on what is important–his family and getting back on top in his career. That night, Scrappy and Bambi are double-dating with his sister Jasmine and her boyfriend Rico. I used to sing a little ditty with my students when I taught first grade which goes to the tune of Frere Jacque. Allow me to enlighten Scraps, and feel free to sing a long in your head: “North America, South American, Antarctica, Australia! Europe and Asia, oh there’s one more…Africa, Africa.” Easy, peasy, see? Scrappy needs them to make a game plan for this upcoming family dinner. Jasmine has several unresolved issues with Ernest. She thinks he’s an opportunist, and she has lots to get off her chest at this get-together. That’s all fiz-nigh-eee and good, but Scrappy reminds her that both he and Rico are felons, and she should be mindful of not doing anything that would cause them to head back to the big house.

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It’s time for Joseline’s girls’ night, and she’s planned an evening of salsa dancing lessons for her guests. The latest arrival is newbie Premadonna, who caters to celebrities all over the globe with her multi-million dollar business. Can I start saying that I have a multi-million dollar business? Will people check to see if my claims are accurate? Joseline met Premadonna through Blac Chyna, whose name I recognize as the ex of Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga. Margeaux is Joseline’s surprise guest, and Joseline can’t wait for her new friend to spill the tea. When Margeaux reveals that Mimi was behind the sex tape leak, the ladies can’t believe their ears! Joseline feels so vindicated. She’s not the only bad egg around! Mimi has brought Jessica to meet with producer Jazze Phe, and her new artist is beyond impressed with Mimi’s hustle. Tiffany enters, and Jessica is livid. This is her session! Tiffany screams that Mimi invited her to meet the producer. As the girls argue, Jazze reminds them to be respectful. Tiffany storms out citing that Mimi lost the opportunity to manage her. Jazze then dismisses a squabbling Jessica for not acting professionally. Rookie move, Mimi. Rookie move.


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