Amber Marchese Breast Cancer Update: She Learns The Surrounding Tissue Is Not Cancerous!

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Amber Marchese has good news and a new job! The good news is that, despite her breast cancer returning, the cancer has not spread! And since Real Housewives Of New Jersey may never return, Amber has landed a job blogging about her cancer journey for People. 

Last week Amber had a 4-hour partial mastectomy to remove potentially cancerous tissue from her right breast. In April after discovering a lump she underwent a surgical biopsy, which was determined to be cancerous which necessitated the second surgery. Amber was shocked to learn that after 6 years in remission the biopsy showed cancer. “Even though the original diagnosis demonstrated multiple tumors the chances of it recurring were very small after treatment,” Amber explains. “Ninety-five percent of the time, it doesn’t come back.”


“I can’t even begin to describe the feeling you get when someone says you have cancer,”Amber reflects. “Then to get it again after fighting so hard. I thought it was behind me.” 

During her May 18th partial mastectomy Amber had “20 millimeters of breast tissue in addition to skin adjacent to the three millimeter-cancerous tumor” removed but was amazed to learn the cancer was limited only to the lump. “It is nothing short of a miracle,” an elated Amber reveals. “The surrounding tissue was not cancerous. It was literally just the tumor that was cancerous. We caught it in the early stages.”

After learning the results, Amber who discovered the lump on Good Friday while watching TV with Jim, describes herself as “very blessed.” 

Now Amber is, once again, in remission but has “a long road ahead of her” in which she will aggressively fight to make sure not a shred of cancer remains.  “I am definitely going to have radiation for the next five weeks. We are still debating whether or not to do chemotherapy,” she tells People

“I want some good to come from all of this,” Amber adds, which is why she will be blogging her cancer journey to raise awareness, educate, and offer support. “I know others in a similar position may be afraid, confused or lost. This will be my chance to share my story and hopefully help others along the way.”

“I don’t know how or why this happened again, but I have to turn it into an opportunity to raise awareness not just about breast cancer, but about self-detection, treatment options, the importance of faith, a positive attitude, and the overall health of our bodies,” Amber writes. “I am hoping to educate and inspire others in their fight. I was blessed to find it a second time.”

Amber’s first blog will appear on next week. Amber definitely has quite a story!


[Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Bravo]