Amber Marchese Talks Season 7 Of Real Housewives of New Jersey

Amber Marchese

Amber Marchese joined Real Housewives of New Jersey with an agenda – IMO – and that was to slide into Teresa Giudice‘s place when Teresa went away. Amber attached herself to Teresa as soon as possible (to win over her fans) and started drama with everyone else (to be valuable to the producers). All that hard work and now there might not even be a season sans Teresa.

Amber recently dished about the possibility of a hiatus — shocker… she hates the idea – and her current thoughts on her co-stars. 

Amber said her life is back to normal, which means free of drama, since filming ceased. “Normally there’s no drama in my life,” said the aspiring actress who is married to drama queen Jim Marchese. <side eye> “I’m a very focused mom and a very focused wife … that is where I’m happiest. I’m a homebody. I love being home with my children and honestly that’s my favorite job in the world.”


A reunion can be intimidating for even the most seasoned Real Housewives star, let alone a newbie, but Amber loved it. A free for all for camera time? Of course she did! “The reunion I liked,” Amber admitted to AllAboutTRH. “I did. I liked it. I felt like it was this purging process – say what I need to say, yell at the people I needed to yell at, get nasty with people, and sometimes get an understanding of people – so I liked the whole reunion.”

Amber does not regret joining Real Housewives of New Jersey despite some pretty harsh backlash over The Cancer and The Jim. Quite the opposite. She called the experience an “amazing ride” and added that life’s been “cool and exciting” since the show ended. While she doesn’t regret the decision, overall, she does regret her endless supply of attention seeking tears. “I regret crying a lot. I will not be crying if I go back this season. I know why people do a lot of Botox in the face … so they show no expressions in the face.”

Season seven of RHONJ is in limbo while TPTB decide how to handle Teresa‘s prison sentence. Amber does not have inside information. “Lots of rumors, but no, nothing. Honestly I’m not the type that pushes for answers. It will happen when it is actually supposed to happen organically. I trust the producers and Bravo know when to do it and they know the right time. I trust them.”

Amber made it be known that she will return, adding, “If the price is right.”

When asked if she think Bravo will put RHONJ on hiatus until Teresa‘s release in 2016, Amber said, “I don’t know. I really don’t. I question it because some sources seem to be pretty confident when they do say that so that makes me take pause and think maybe they are going to do that. I think it would be very silly. I think they have an excellent cast, as is, and we can carry on. I mean, I don’t think she [Teresa Giudice] is going to do the full 15 months. She’ll be back for season eight very easily so I think it would really silly if they were to do that. They’d lose a lot of fans.” What happened to trusting Bravo? <eye roll> 

Amber suggested, “They should really focus on getting to know the new girls. Everyone has an amazing story. I think they need to focus on the dynamics of the girls – less fighting. You saw the lost footage. You saw we were getting along and they cut out all of that and they went right to the drama and there was so many thing that happened before that. New Jersey’s about fun. We’re about strong personalities. We’re about family and the Italian way. We’re just so different and it’s unique and everyone brings something to the table.”

In addition to Kathy Wakile – this interview took place at one of her book signings – Amber claimed she talks to the twins “once in a while” but Teresa Aprea more than Nicole Napolitano.

“You know, I think everyone just feels the same way and everyone is just really done with what happened in the first season,” added Amber. “I talk to Melissa [Gorga] every once in a while when I see her at certain events and Jacqueline [Laurita] I actually talk to her often. Even though she wasn’t on the show this season, I’ve gotten really close to her. She’s a special lady.”

Amber admitted that she hasn’t talked with Teresa but not because she hasn’t tried. “Via text I just read out to her and see if she’s okay and let her know I’m sending some love and blessing to her. And honestly she’s doing what I would be doing which is shutting the world out and focusing on my family. That’s exactly what I would be doing. I wouldn’t be doing public appearances and I wouldn’t care to see anybody.” HAHA. I picture Teresa throwing her phone and screaming, “Prison! Schmison! Just get me away from Amber’s textses!”

When asked if she could ever move forward with Dina Manzo, Amber said, “I don’t talk to her at all. I don’t talk to her not one bit.” Despite being “done with what happened in the first season” Amber can’t let go of the names Dina called Jim. Never mind that her husband is the most vile, childish, insulting person on the show. On all the shows.

Amber whined, “I don’t like how she spoke to my husband. I don’t like how she treated him for no reason whatsoever. She attacked him first for no reason. She made fun of him. She made comments about his sexual orientation like anything which wasn’t even true. She met him, like, once so I don’t like … I think she was looking to create drama but she didn’t want to do it with the girls so she attacked my husband. He was an easy target. Unfortunately for her that was the wrong person to attack because my husband is relentless and he will take you down.”

“I never had any beef with Dina,” added Amber. “Personality wise I don’t think she’s very similar to me. We are very very different. I’m not saying anyone’s worse or better but we’re very different people. I want everyone to get along and be happy. I’ll fight when I need to fight but I want everyone to be happy.”


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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo