Sonja Morgan Will Continue To Fight Against Mean Girls And Unsupportive Friends; Is Dating A Potential Mr. Right!

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Sonja Morgan wants everyone to know she will not be held down or held back by mean girls! She is not a victim – she is a fighter – and an entrepreneur. Part of Sonja’s I am not a victim anthem includes lashing out at her castmates – and she’s not cutting anyone slack as she throws them under the broiler of her invisible toaster oven to nowhere. 

Tired of being on everyone’s radar, Sonja encourages her Real Housewives Of New York co-stars to stop being mean girls and start celebrating her successes. I mean, after all she has working plumbing in the upstairs bathroom now, right?!

“I’m not a survivor; I’m a fighter. I’m not going to play victim here,” Sonja declares. “What we have is mean girls: people who are being very insecure about their position with me. I think that it threatens Ramona [Singer] and Luann [de Lesseps] because they are so close to me that they feel like we want to keep Sonja just a silly party girl that laughs everything off. You think they would be happy – not thinking about themselves.” 


“I don’t get the emotional support that I need from this group of girlfriends,” Sonja decrees. “All they do is look for cracks and problems to point out and make me feel even more anxious.” Maybe they just want a toasted English muffin with all the nooks and crannies but the toaster oven to nowhere is stuck on defrost mode?

Sonja continues,”All they want to say is ‘She is a hard partying girl.’ Well, this group is all hard partying girls. I just can’t handle as much alcohol as them. I can’t keep up with Bethenny, Heather and LuAnn. Few people could.”

Despite Ramona and Luann admonishing her successes at every turn, Sonja still continues them friends. Because, of course. “My friendship with Ramona will always be there. We’re like sisters. We fight, we make up, we’re connected at the hip. Am I annoying at times? Yeah. Is she annoying at times? Yeah. We both say hurtful things. She especially says things behind my back that I don’t appreciate but I let it go because I know she comes from a tough background. She comes from a place of fear,” she tells OK! Magazine. “LuAnn and I will always be friends. She can’t remember a thing. As soon as anyone starts picking on anyone, she always joins the bandwagon because she likes to be relevant in that way.”

“LuAnn’s been picking a lot of fights since last season,” Sonja points out. “Her picking a fight with Carole looks like she just wants to fight to fight. Having said that, I’d be freaked out if Carole was dating my niece’s guy. It’s a little close to home.”

Oh – Sonja also wants Bethenny Frankel to leave her alone! “I’m very happy that Bethenny came back. She’s great for the show. Unfortunately I get the backlash of that.”

Sonja is ready for Madame Frankel to stop confusing Bethenny with Sonja. Because although Bethenny explains it all, Bethenny certainly doesn’t know it all. “Bethenny is coming from a good place, but she is projecting some of her past life experiences she had with her mom on me because she knows what that feels like,” Sonja complains. “But she doesn’t have to worry. I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I’m running my businesses that I have been building from scratch for the last three years. So this didn’t just happen overnight.”

In fact things are so perfect in Casa de Sonja she’s romantically involved several times over. Now that her businesses – which are boomin’ and bloomin’ Sonja finally feels ready to find the next Mr. Right! “I am dating several guys right now that are marriage material,” she gushes. 

Well it sounds like Sonja has it all figured out. Or something.

Tonight RHONY returns as the ladies head to the Berkshires to celebrate Dorinda Medley‘s 50th birthday. With Bethenny sitting this trip out, the ladies turn on each other and Dorinda confronts Kristen Taekman about her rather hypocritical behavior – unfortunately Bethenny surprises the ladies with a last minute visit which goes over like Jill Zarin arriving unannounced on Scary Island… 

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