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By now, viewers of Real Housewives Of New York are well-aware of a brewing feud between one-time friends Luann de Lesseps and Carole Radziwill. And you’re probably heard by now that during the episode Luann went nuclear on Carole on twitter – some even suspected her twitter had been hacked! 

Of course, it makes me sad that Luann and Carole’s friendship got like all uncool, but it makes me even more curious – what happened?! Obviously the issue stemmed from Carole’s relationship with Luann’s chef Adam – but it’s not so simple as an etiquette misstep, Luann reveals that Carole’s cavorting with her chef caused some family drama! Oh bother. 


Carole and I were such great friends before, and I’ve been very disappointed by her this season. I slowly came to realize that when it comes to Carole, not everything is what it seems,” begins Luann. “There’s an element of ‘fake’ in it, and you don’t really see it until it’s directed at you. You’ll see what I mean,” Luann is the expert of fake… so I do see what she means. 

Luann explains that Carole’s reticence to tell her about Adam speaks volumes, because Carole was well-aware of what a conflict of interests this would be and how much of a boundary it would cross. Why? Keep reading! 

“I had friends over for a nice dinner to celebrate my new house. I had no idea that Carole, ever-so-single and ready to mingle, would start mingling with my chef, who happens to be my niece’s recent ex-boyfriend and my son’s friend. I had no idea I’d have to keep an eye on a close friend,” Luann decries. “It was too soon and a little too close to my family.”

If Luann’s niece is so upset about Adam thing, why is he still working in Luann’s home – that seems like a conflict of interest? That said, I wouldn’t be very happy if a friend picked-up a friend (or family member’s) ex in my home, either, especially if they were close to my family and knew the particulars of said relationship. 

Luann doesn’t totally blame Carole – I mean, after all Lu is a lady who loves her younger gents! – and Adam is hot, but the close proximity of Carole to her family angered her. “I understand someone can be attractive and someone can be looking for love, but there’s a certain level of discretion and respect that we women should maintain for our inner circles, especially when there’s close family involved. Carole was highly aware of that!”

“Obviously, she [Carole] knew she was in the wrong; this is why she struggled for so long on how to tell me,” complains Luann. “It seems everyone else, including Heather, knew about it. (And Heather even knows my niece, which was just a tad more insulting than I expected from her, too.) Ultimately, it was sneaky, disrespectful, and uncool.”

Furthermore she takes issue with how Carole is behaving – don’t we all. #BootlegCarrieBradshaw Calling Carole’s immature behavior “tacky” for a woman of 50, Luann says that’s all small potatoes to the betrayal of a friend. “WHAT she did and HOW she did it is the problem. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends and devoted to my family, and when anyone crosses that line, I defend it to the fullest. Carole should stick to good ol’ fashioned Tinder and not scavenge for dates in my kitchen.”

Moving on to other uncool relationships, Luann is curious about what exactly is going on between Dorinda Medley and John. “I adore Dorinda’s daughter Hannah. She’s got a great sense of humor, is incredibly smart and really knows how to work a room. When it comes to John, it’s hard to disagree with her.”

“I feel bad for Dorinda, of course, and how she can’t seem to bridge both sides of her life, but I empathize with Hannah on this one,” writes Luann in her Bravo blog. “The Dorinda and John dynamic is a very strange one. It makes me very uncomfortable, to be honest. I think it even makes Dorinda uncomfortable, too.”

Perhaps Dorinda should just join the “Carnival of Cougars” with the rest of the ladies?  “#GodSaveTheCougars!” jokes Luann. “The boys, of course, had no clue what a ‘Jordache jean’ is…nor should they. But good ol’ fashioned story time with Carole and the children was hysterical. LOL! At least the boys left having learned something new from a bygone era. Either way, I’m happy to have been there and celebrated Bethenny’s birthday with her. Awkward table dance and all.”

Finally Luann weighs-in on the dinnertime drama between Bethenny Frankel and Heather Thomson. “I thought Heather went beyond the call of duty, as she tends to—with ‘Beth’—regarding Kristen’s non-invite to her birthday dinner. Kristen and Bethenny barely know each other!”

“Of course, Bethenny is direct, and she can be aggressive. I think it’s now clear that once Bethenny gets to know someone, she’s all-in, and she’s a fun friend to have,” Luann defends. “But for me, once when they started to rebrand ‘widowry,’ the party was over.” Well, I agree with Lu on that one, but I find it odd how closey-close she is with Bethenny right now – seems fake to me, because what Bethenny did to Heather at dinner – in a word: RUDE. (In another word, indefensible. As Luann said it’s not WHAT she did but HOW she did it.


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