Mike Shouhed And Reza Farahan Face Off On Shahs Of Sunset Reunion

Shahs of Sunset reunion MJ and Mike

The Shahs of Sunset reunion kicks off tonight – and Mike Shouhed will be in the hot seat, addressing Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi‘s claim that he tried to sleep with her in Turkey. Mike will also deal with Reza Farahan‘s asshattery.

Despite the drama this season, Mike and Jessica were married in March.

“Planning the wedding was surreal,” shared Mike. “I couldn’t believe that I was planning what will be one of the biggest nights of mine and Jessica’s life. I was a Groomzilla! I was part of every single decision made – from invitations, venue, flowers, food tasting, band, DJ, and even the music selection. It was 350 of our closest friends! Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent… it had to be perfect.”


“That sh-t caused a lot of stress though,” bemoaned Mike. “One of the hardest things I have ever done to date in my life. Our relationship was tested over and over again. We got through it alive, just some minor bumps and bruises.”

Mike explained why he invited Reza – who banned Jessica from his (meant to be) wedding in Thailand – to their wedding.

“Class is not something you buy!” preached Mike. “Years of friendship can’t be neglected on a night like my wedding. I realize that Reza and I are having some bromance issues, but my love for him trumps all of that. I want him to be there and share in me and Jessica‘s love for one another when we step under the Chuppah and trade our vows with our friends and family… Reza and Adam being both to us! Sight is nothing without vision! I know that in no time, the crew and I will be close again. Unfortunately, we can’t relive my wedding, and I would not want to live with the regret of not inviting him.”

Since then, Reza has bashed Mike on the after show (see quote below), WWHL, and the reunion (see video below), so I think it’s safe to say that Mike’s gesture wasn’t appreciated. What will it take for Reza to accept Mike back into his life? “Mike can have some growth and grow some nuts,” he said on the after show. “Or ask Jessica to give his old nuts back.”

“In the proverbial train ride of our life, Mike jumped off the train at one station, and we kept going,” explained Reza. “We all are looking back wondering what happened to Mike. I think Mike needed time. He checked out. He had to deal with some bullsh-t in his life and he doesn’t deal with bullsh-t the way Asa would deal with it or I would deal with it. I deal with it head on… take the Band-Aid off, let the pus ooze out, feel the pain, deal with the ramifications, and move on. Mike does not like to do that. Mike likes to deny, look the other way, point fingers. How can we run to him, try and embrace him, and bring him back when his finger is pointing at us? I want Mike back. We all want him back but we want Mike to be real.”

On part one of the reunion, Mike and GG discuss Turkey, Asa and MJ face off over Reza’s bachelor party, and Reza attacks Mike’s character. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the drama. Join us. 


Photo Credit: Bravo