Reza Farahan Explains Why He Called Off His Wedding With Adam Neely

Shahs of Sunset Reza and Adam

Shahs of Sunset armpit sniffer Reza Farahan called off his wedding to Adam Neely on this week’s episode. To the surprise of absolutely no one.

Reza opened up about calling off the wedding on the Shahs of Sunset after show. “It was weird. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but at the same time it was the right decision for me. I come from a broken home and I have a lot of reservations about getting married,” he admitted. “When I get married, I want to make sure there are no issues on the table and it’s for keeps.”

Adam had “no idea” Reza was going to call off their wedding in Thailand. “He literally thought we were getting married… like, we have plane tickets, we booked a hotel, we’re going overseas, we got a marriage license, we’re getting married,” said Reza. “It was not an option he thought was on the table. He was blind sided.” Why does Adam stay with Reza? (crickets) Anyone??


Reza went on to say it was hard to live with Adam while he was so torn over the decision. “I’m laying in bed and he’s on LegalZoom looking up how to change his last name once we were married,” he bemoaned. “I literally could not sleep. I had stomach aches, anxiety. I was a mess. I’m laying there, thinking, ‘OMG. What am I going to do? I just have to go ahead and get married. I can’t hurt him like that.'”

If you watch Shahs of Sunset, you know that LegalZoom wasn’t the only site Adam hit up on the ‘net. (wink) It’s always the quiet ones. (haha)

“Every time I would go onto his computer… like, I needed to use his computer not like I was hacking into his computer.. I would type in one letter and…” (I will spare you the details on what pops up (no pun intended) on Adam‘s computer. You’re welcome.) “The only thing that I do know from having a lot of friends that are into freaky sh-t, when you get caught up in hardcore freaky deaky porn it’s not the same when you’re having normal sex with your partner.”

“It’s not real. I can never measure up to that,” continued Reza. “If you are on there nonstop looking up all this crazy sh-t, it’s going to have an impact on your relationship. He’s a mess.”

Reza dropped this bombshell on Adam, then he went to Thailand without him. Adam chose to stay home. Reza chose to go without him.  “When I found out I was not going to get a refund, the Persian kicked in,” he said about canceling the trip. “I was like, ‘OK, we’re taking a vacation.'”

Asa Soltan Rahmati and Reza Farahan Slam Jessica Parido

About the mood when he left, Reza said, “I didn’t leave in a fight, but there was a lot of tension. I left and I said, ‘I am going on this trip. I am going to use this time to think, reflect, figure my sh-t out, and come back and hopefully get on track to getting to a better place. Whether that’s marriage, us breaking up, us just working on our relationship.’ I didn’t know. It was very hard for him. It’s like, not only am I leaving, but anything could happen when I get back.”

Reza shared that Adam still refuses to talk about Thailand, “He was so upset. You can’t say Thai around him. He won’t eat Thai food. He doesn’t want to hear about any tigers. He’s told me, ‘If anyone brings up Thailand, you need to shut it down.’ I bought him souvenirs and he hasn’t touched any of it.”

All’s well that ends well? Reza said on the after show, and later to E! News, that he and Adam are in a good place now.

“Honestly, being in Thailand with my crazy crew and seeing how dysfunctional Asifa and Bobby were made me realize how great my relationship with Adam is,” Reza told E! “Adam actually Skyped with me on the day we were supposed to get married despite the pain he was in. The smile and the love that shone through made me want to go home and fix things. We started communicating a lot more and trying to make our foundation stronger. I’m happy to report that things are totally back on track and we are hoping to marry in the near future.”

This storyline reeks of reality TV shenanigans. Million Dollar Listing LA stars Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu did the same thing. Planning their wedding was the focus of an entire season, however, the wedding never happened. I do not believe for a second Reza ever intended to marry Adam. I hope Adam is in on the charade, but alas, my gut tells me he is not. Poor Adam.


Photo Credit: Instagram