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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Lying, Tiger Moms, And Google Alerts Oh My

Brandi Redmond has had quite the season so far on The Real Housewives of Dallas. After seemingly working through her racism scandal, she’s finding herself at odds with the other women in the weirdest fights ever. She continues to be incredibly awkward around Tiffany Moon out of deep paranoia. Now, she’s in a random feud with D’Andra Simmons whom she believes has somewhat turned her back on Christianity.

For some reason Brandi is choosing the oddest hills to die on, and it’s getting weirder by the episode. For someone who is in tune with ghosts and spirits, it’s strange to watch her pick apart D’Andra for a meditation exercise. There may be a ring of truth to the claims that Brandi is acting like a cafeteria Christian. She’s picking and choosing what parts of her faith she wants to acknowledge. There’s no way she’s going to come back after all of this.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie Hollman’s taking all of the girls to Oklahoma. Okay. Alright. This pandemic has really forced us to go to the bottom of the barrell for cast trips. Nothing against Oklahoma itself, but I miss the grandeur of trips to Europe & Asia!

Stephanie’s arranging for a bigfoot hunter to come and speak to the women on the trip. This is already set to be one of the weirder trips of the season. They’ve done a lot this year despite the pandemic, but this might take the take in bizarreness. Bigfoot people genuinely intrigue me though. The dedication someone must have to be on the hunt for something many people scoff at the idea of even existing, fascinates me.

These women have no idea what they’re in for on this trip. This won’t be their cookie cutter cocktails and fancy dinners trip. This is camo wearing and cryptid hunting territory now. The idea of Tiffany and Kameron Westcott in this environment has my full attention. Take my money!

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany’s twins are celebrating a birthday, and she’s going all out for them. Whatever wishes they have will be granted! They’re having a tea party in one of their hotels, and thankfully Tiffany has time to spend with them now. Being able to drop a day out of her busy work schedule is already having a positive impact on her family life. Prior to the schedule change, she wouldn’t be able to have this moment with these precious twins.

Lately her twins have taken a new interest in getting her hair and makeup done. She doesn’t mind it because they’re the most well behaved little girls and it is their birthday after all. I have to say though, this glam team is packing on the makeup a bit too much. They’re only five years old and the amount of eye shadow on the one daughter is staggering. It might be just me, but I find too much makeup on a child to be borderline uncomfortable.

Tiffany’s mother shows up to celebrate their birthdays and arrives with cash money for them. I want to be six years old and be handed a $100 bill. What is that? I feel like I was getting a yo-yo and a potato head at that age. I feel jipped!

The girls open their money in front of their grandmother which is traditionally a big no no. However, Tiffany’s mother doesn’t mean because they’re just kids. Naturally this is frustrating Tiffany because clearly the rules have changed since she was a child. Everything she endured when she was growing up isn’t being applied to her own kids. Even though she’s an adult now, that still has to sting on some level.

This is the most elegant tea party for a children’s birthday party. I’m not a fan of tea, but I am SOOOOO here for the snacks. Give me some chocolate dipped pastries and CAVIAR, and we’ll be good. These kids are eating better than me as a grown ass man. Who spends that kind of money on a random birthday tea party? Excuse me while I chow down on this ramen. Ugh.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra tells Brandi she wants to have a conversation with her about their issues before this trip. Nobody wants to go on an extended vacation with someone they have lingering issues with. That’s uncomfortable for everyone involved. It’s better to try and hash this out prior to going.

Brandi feels like it was all something so simple that escalated out of nowhere. She’s kidding right? SHE is the one who turned all of this into something. If she just kept her ignorant opinions to herself, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Brandi & D’Andra both think the other should apologize. This sit down isn’t going to go well because both of them cannot come out of this fight as the victor. It just doesn’t work like that.

Court Westcott slips out of the house to speak to the realtor who delivers great news. They’re officially under contract for Kameron’s dream house. This is huge because even though she’s always complaining about being out of the loop, this time it’s for the greater good. He’s not good at hiding things from her, so he might blow this secret.

Kameron really wants this dream home, but she doesn’t think anything is set in stone yet. She’s going to freak her freak when she learns about this! I’m glad this storyline is heading in a positive direction because I was getting major douchebag vibes from him this season. It’s great to see that in the end it’s all to make Kameron a happy woman!

Kary Brittingham is not feeling the idea of going camping. It’s not her scene at all. To make up for that, she’s bringing tequila Jello shots for the trip. As annoying as I found Kary at the beginning of the season, I’m somehow starting to come around to her. She’s funny at times, and seeing her with her children has also changed my viewpoint a bit. I suppose she can stick around a little while longer. Brandi & Stephanie need to take a hike though.

D’Andra was planning a romantic date for Jeremy Lock, but the alarm starts going off. She’s creating a whole mess in the kitchen that causes the police to show up. Nothing else kills the mood like law enforcement crashing it. I want to know what she’s doing so wrong that the detector keeps going off. It’s deafening. At least they know it works. In the event of an actual emergency, they’ll be alerted!

D’Andra’s trying to become a less judgmental person, and she wants her friends to understand that. T his has to be directed at Brandi, right? For some reason Brandi is taking an issue with D’Andra’s recent work with the shaman. For the most part, I think there has been somewhat of a change in D’Andra’s energy, so something is working. However overall, I think there’s a lot of work still to be done.

Court won’t stop messing with Kameron about the status of her dream house. I can see why though. Her reactions and expressions are priceless, and who wouldn’t want to get inside her head a bit before making her dreams come true!

Kameron doesn’t want to tour the house if the owners don’t want to sell to them anymore. She’s losing her mind about the entire idea of us. His plan is going south so quickly because of his own prank. She won’t even get out of the car to tour the home.

Eventually he has to come clean, and she knows she’s the new owner of her dream home. The home is stunning beyond comprehension. If there was ever a house worth $7.5 million, this is it. The kitchen island is to die for. I’ve never seen one that large in my life. I want to live vicariously through Kameron & Court.

Dee Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany stops by Momma Dee’s for a visit, and I’m obsessed with their relationship. I swear their dynamic is more mother and daughter than Dee & D’Andra. There’s a deep level of respect between the two. Dee understands juggling everything the way Tiffany is. Having it all isn’t easy. The husband, the children, and the career. They both know what it takes.

Dee asks about Tiffany’s relationship with her mother, and Tiffany thinks her mom is pretending to be supportive. I hope that’s not the case because obviously Tiffany’s struggling. There’s so much hurt because Tiffany’s mother went back on what she planned on doing. Her mother originally planned on helping out with the kids, but when she learned it was twins she stepped back.

To me that’s insane because with the arrival of twins comes the needs for MORE help; not less. It’s crazy to hear Tiffany be envious of D’Andra and Dee’s relationship. That relationship is as tumultuous as they come. I guess it’s true that someone out there always has it worse.

Dee urges Tiffany to open up to her mother and face the fear of rejection. If her mother won’t be receptive to it, then so be it. Tiffany’s never had a deep conversation with her mother about all of these pent up feelings. I know it’s not their way or their culture, but it needs to be done. Tiffany’s at a breaking point.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

Before her meeting with D’Andra, Brandi is blindsided by an unexpected news bulletin involving her. D’andra gave an interview discussing the new season of Real Housewives of Dallas. She made it known that they’d be tackling Brandi’s racism scandal head on in the early parts of the season. Woah. FOURTH WALL BREAK. META TO THE MAX.

Brandi doesn’t think this was D’Andra’s story to tell or her place to discuss it. Listen, I sort of understand where Brandi is coming from. However, what one person does on a show like this can impact ALL of them. Of course, the press is going to be asking the other cast members questions about something that huge. Brandi is naive to think otherwise.

Brandi sends D’Andra a text that she is too disgusted to meet with her anymore. She’s not going to see her until the trip. The tension has grown, and their issue has escalated to new heights. This camping trip is on an entirely new level of awkward because of this.

D’Andra isn’t surprised that Brandi took this the wrong way. She doesn’t get how she’s the bad guy in this scenario. In her mind, it doesn’t make sense that Brandi is the victim since she’s the one who was actually racist. FACTS THOUGH! Brandi has done a great job this season at trying to garner sympathy. It’s time people stop letting her do that. Save the tears. Enough is enough.

D’Andra starts ranting to producers about how she’s done with all of this, and sick of Brandi twisting s**t. Not only that, she doesn’t even want to go on the trip anymore. She thinks everyone’s going to have Brandi’s back because of this. It’s a lose-lose position to be in.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Before the trip, Stephanie asks Brandi how she’s feeling about seeing D’Andra. It’s going to get addressed, but Brandi doesn’t think D’Andra is self aware of what she’s saying. WERE YOU SELF AWARE WHEN YOU MADE A RACIST VIDEO MOCKING ASIANS? LITERALLY SHUT THE F**K UP.

When D’Andra arrives, Brandi brings up the alert involving her in the press. I actually think D’Andra did her best to protect Brandi from negative press. Whatever hate Brandi was getting online from that article is NOT on D’Andra. The self righteous attitude is entirely bonkers and maddening to witness.

Kary jumps on the defending Brandi train, and just like that I’ve soured on her again. What is she even defending? Does she have a clue? Or is it more about getting a chance to take another jab at D’Andra? They all call D’Andra selfish, but she isn’t phased by it. How is Brandi not the most selfish person in this group? These women are insufferable!


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