Farrah Abraham Says God Leads Her To Be The Best Farrah She Can Be

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we haven’t heard much from Farrah Abraham lately. Stripping and homeschooling Sophia must be keeping her busy, but today is our lucky day. TGIF… thank goodness it’s Farrah entertaining us once again!

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, the former Teen Mom star talked about misconceptions about her, how God leads her to be the best Farrah she can be, her experience with reality TV, and how her faith guides her no matter if she’s stripping or praying. “No matter where I am, whether it is in a gentlemen’s club or church, I know my faith is what guides me.”


When asked about rumors in the media, Farrah said, “There are many, I think many questions, and the biggest misconception is the label of porn star. Luckily, with my faith, I’m stronger than the false labels and they do not define me.”

Farrah went on to rewrite history where Sophia‘s father is concerned, as she always does to garner sympathy, and talk about her reality TV experiences. Did you know Farrah helped “improve the world” through Teen Mom? HAHAHA!

“I’m thankful for the TV experiences I’ve had and continue to have, as I take away from this how to better myself, connect with myself, and really improve … not only for myself, but so I can improve the world in my own way that my faith has led me to,” shared Farrah. “I’ve experienced a lot I never imagined while cameras were rolling: death, fights, childbirth, breakups, being kicked out, stress beyond words, depression, and many more obstacles. I’m blessed by using TV as a tool to better myself and always being able to look back when I need to remember learning a lesson.”

Farrah credited God for presenting her with character building opportunities, which include acting like a brat on reality TV, porn film disguised as a sex tape, sex toys, erotic novels, lying on reality TV, strip clubs, and more. 

“The right opportunities at the right times to help prepare me for the best Farrah I can be,” she shared. “No matter where I am, whether it’s in a gentlement’s club or church, I know my faith is what guides me.”

When asked about her work vs. her faith, Farrah said, “Many would look at what I do and feel as thought there is conflict. If you know what that faith is, and you truly try to understand the examples of God in the Bible and learn and reflect on them, just know I didn’t pick what I’m doing nor did I shared the full details of how I got to be where I am, as you may judge in black and white from the outside. I let God lead my life and faith – enough said.”

“Faith is number one in my heart and mind,” concluded Farrah. “Without this, I would not be the best parent I could be, and my daughter would not be as gifted as she is. I can’t say enough and be thankful enough. Faith allows me to feel balanced, grow endlessly, and always feel loved.”

In summary, Farrah still isn’t a porn star, Farrah helped improve the world, God wanted Farrah to be a stripper, and Farrah is an amazing mother when she’s not busy making coochie molds, improving the world, acting in a cheesy movie, opening a restaurant, and stripping. Like I said, TGIF!

Farrah Abraham church

Last week, Farrah and Sophia attended Lakewood Church, which is led by Joel Osteen. “We’re in the house @lakewoodch #Houston. Much love, great people,” she tweeted with the picture above.


Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images and Twitter