Kim Kardashian Rents The Staples Center For Kanye West’s Birthday Party – Photos

Kanye West Birthday

Kim Kardashian rented out the Staples Center, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, for Kanye West‘s 38th birthday. The surprise cost her $110,000.

An insider told E! News, “Kim rented out the Staples Center so Kanye and his boys could play an NBA-style game with real refs and Laker girls. John Sally is the announcer. Houston Rockets player James Harden and rapper 2 Chainz are the coaches. John Legend sang the national anthem.” And the cherry on top of the star-studded sundae, Kim invited Justin Bieber, too. #NowItsAParty


Before revealing the surprise, Kim posted on Instagram, “Happy Birthday to my best friend in the entire world! You are the most amazing husband & dad! You inspire me every single day! You make all of your dreams reality & it’s fascinating to be by your side watching it all happen! You have a heart of gold! Have the best birthday ever! #SWISH”

The mere thought of complimenting Kim is giving me heartburn, but… renting the Staples Center for a basketball fan is a pretty cool gift. She has the money, so why not? I won’t begrudge her the splurge. Now, to balance out that out of character niceness, I will add… I would’ve been really impressed if Kim had left her double Spanx and heels at home and dressed for a fun night of basketball.

Check out pictures and video from Kanye‘s birthday party below.

Main Photo Credit: Instagram