Kim Richards Offered A Plea Deal; Will Not Have To Serve Jail Time!

kim richards blue headshot

Kim Richards is a lucky lady – prosecutors have offered her a plea deal for her charges of public intoxication, resisting arresting, and battery against a police officer. If the sobriety-challenged Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star accepts the deal, she won’t have to serve jail time! 

Yesterday, Kim, through her attorney Robert Shapiro, entered “not guilty” pleas to all three charges. The former Housewife was not present at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse because she is currently in rehab (again)


In response to Kim’s not guilty plea the prosecutors offered her a pretty sweet plea deal: three years probation, 30 days of community labor OR 30 days in county jail (they won’t let you bring your sober coach KimKillah!), 52 AA classes (isn’t she on 52,000 at this point?), and payment of restitution to the victim. The victims being RHOBH viewers, right? I only accept money orders – no checks unless they’re from Kathy

Deputy District Attorney Leila Tahmassebi, who presented the plea deal, also gave Kim’s attorney “discovery” in the form of a DVD. Was it unedited footage of her trainwreckitude on RHOBH, provided by beleaguered Bravo producers? Or possibly from her disastrous Dr. Phil sit-down?

Oh – also, E! News says Kim has been banned from the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is probably beyond depressing for Kim as she has her own table there and has been going there since childhood as the establishment’s premiere celebrity attraction. Kim’s fracas with the law began there when she was drunkenly harassing patrons and then refused to come out of the bathroom until the police pried her out. Then she morphed into Kingsley and attacked an officer! 

A source says Kim is “doing OK” in rehab – much better than before Brooke’s wedding. The source explains Kim is “very coherent. Better than she’s sounded in a long time.” However, her relationship with her 4 children is very strained. “Obviously there is pain and anger there, but they’re being supportive.”

Kim is currently in rehab for a reported 60-days. And will not return to RHOBH after she disappeared in Cabo after Brooke’s wedding. Kim was given special permission to cross the border in light of her legal troubles and was permitted by her rehab (then being paid for by Dr. Phil) to attend the ceremony accompanied by a sober coach. Kim wreaked havoc from the get-go causing the sober coach to quit.

With her life in shambles, Kim returned to LA only because she was reportedly forced to move out of her Valley rental home and after being told her contract was not being renewed for RHOBH season 6, which is due to start filming very soon. Kim’s MIA activities in Mexico were the last-straw for Bravo, for which Kim was becoming an increasing liability – co-stars refused to film with her and she was totally unreliable, not to mention intoxicated! 

Well, let’s hope Kim accepts the plea deal! And follows through with her community service requirements – we know showing up on time and sober isn’t Lindsay Lohan’s Sr’s strong point. Kim has been ordered to appear in court on July 16 to respond.  


[Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/]