Kim Richards

According to multiple reports, in light of her issues with alcohol, the law, and reality, Kim Richards will not be returning to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills next season. 

Most credible is E! News which states that Kim has been fired and will not be a Housewife for season 6. I guess Kathy doesn’t do magic… 

I find the timing of this news very telling. It was just reported that after Kim’s egregious behavior in Mexico Kyle Richards is done ‘going to bat’ for Kim and being her safety net.

Other stories have emerged saying that Kathy Hilton has cut Kim off financially as well. Apparently some people have been taking Dr. Phil‘s advice (finally!). Now emerges the news that Kim has been fired.


Bravo has allegedly been annoyed with with Kim for seasons. Before season 5 Kim was on the chopping block, but sources connected to the show said Kyle begged the network to give Kim another chance, promising she had her ish together, was sober, and would fully participate in filming. Some rumors even claimed Kyle threatened to quit if Kim was not cast. 

Following Kim’s irascible behavior this season (during which she obliterated her relationship with Kyle), in addition to her arrest for public intoxication, rumors started flying that it was the final straw for Bravo. Kim even went so far as to publicly blame the show for her relapse, and to continue to unfairly accuse her co-stars of making her look bad.

Production sources then leaked that Kim has been a liability for years, has never been sober on RHOBH, and working with Lindsay Lohan Sr. has been an absolute nightmare. Kim’s insane interview with Dr. Phil (and the crippling behind-the-scenes reports) only added credence to those statements. 

MY SOBRIETY Richards, who is finally back in rehab after going on bender in Mexico following her daughter’s wedding, is allegedly swearing that she’s more committed than ever to her sobriety. But Bravo/NBC is not willing to give Kim another chance to clean up her act! Perez Hilton also reports Kim has been axed, claiming multiple sources close to the show have confirmed to them that the 6th season, now casting, will not include Kim

Kim may return in a very, very limited ‘Friend of The Housewives’ capacity for a cameo or “a few appearances” states E!, but she will “not as a full-time series regular.” 

I am sure this is music to everyone else’s ears. The season 6 cast will definitely include Kyle, LVP, Lisa Rinna (all present at the Upfronts), and Eileen.

Yolanda Foster continues to struggle with her health, but sources say she has been asked back if able. Brandi Glanville‘s fate is supposedly also up in the air. Bravo is looking to replace Kim with a new Housewife who will fit in with the other fabulous, wealthy, Hollywood-connected wives. 

Bravo refuses to comment on the story, saying that no casting decisions have been made at this time. 


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