Bethenny Frankel Knew Her Marriage To Jason Hoppy Would End In Divorce; Blames Andy Cohen For Marriage!

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Bethenny Frankel is the ultimate conundrum – she doesn’t want anyone in her personal business, yet she won’t she stop talking about her personal business! In her latest confessional interview Bethenny talked marriage, spinoffs, and why listening to other people is a big ole mistake. While her acrimonious divorce from Jason Hoppy remains on-going, Bethenny admits she should have followed her gut and not the paycheck Bravo was dangling in front of her nose and never said “I do!”

Speaking to NYU alumni at a special event, the Real Housewives Of New York star talked lessons she’s learned and deterred others from caving to pressures to get married if it’s not the right person. With a 50% national divorce rate, perhaps Bethenny has a point, but I just can’t stop myself from remembering all the talks Bethenny did about finding your happy and the one and how waiting for Jason was the best thing ever. So, if she knew all along Jason wasn’t the one, what was all that about?

Ironically, Bethenny, who got a degree in psychology from NYU, told an inquiring audience member that she always knew her marriage would fail “I think my instinct and gut going into my marriage [knew] it would turn out the way it did,” she confessed. “I could feel it, but I intellectualized it. People are always talking about ‘Do I go with my head or my heart?’ Go with your gut.” That’s so interesting to me… maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy then, Bethenny. 


Still, Bethenny insists she has no regrets because her fake marriage to Jason launched her career of the lessons she learned – like she shouldn’t have listened to friends – ahem Andy Cohen (and others) who told her how great Jason was and how perfect they would be together which pushed her into a marriage she knew would never survive. 

“…your friends are all getting married, your head gets involved, you love having sex with a person, that’s your heart [or something else] getting involved,” Bethenny advised. “It’s all Andy Cohen‘s fault, he will admit it. And yes, that’s the point. That’s why I wrote the book I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To – because I wasn’t making a decision out of truth, I was making a decision out of fear.” 

Bethenny admits that Bravo offering her a spinoff also influenced her decision to walk down the aisle. “Looking back on that, I don’t really believe in regret, and it was situation where they were giving me a show – a spin-off – and I was in a relationship and it kind of just became, ‘This is what’s going on in your life, and this is compelling,’ ” Bethenny shared. “It was hard for me to compartmentalize. But again, my gut did not like that we were doing a show together.”

Acknowledging that she knew, even then, filming the reality show about their lives together was a mistake, Bethenny seems embarrassed to have exploited such personal moments of her their life (as she should be, IMO), although she doesn’t regret people seeing the reality of her marriage fail.  

Of her spinoffs Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever AfterBethenny claims, “My skin crawls thinking about it. I just did not feel right about it, and I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to be the Tori [Spelling] and Dean [McDermott] show. I don’t want to do this,'” she reveals. “And not because that’s a bad show but just because I just didn’t want to do that, and I didn’t go with my gut. It didn’t cause my divorce or anything, it’s just a whole new s—show that’s more of a s— show because of that.” I believe they’re probably arguing over money earned from the show, as well as footage from the show being able to prove Jason’s involvement with Skinnygirls success

When asked if she would ever do a solo show again, Bethenny joked that she and Bravo are working on a project called Bethenny Getting Divorced. “Actually, it’s just never going to end,” she snarked, referring to her drawn-out divorce mirroring the length of the pseudo-series. “It’s the longest series in history.”

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Both Bethenny and Jason have started dating other people, but continue arguing over finances. I guess we have learned one thing from Bethenny – being a famewhore never pays off. 

Tonight the Bethenny melodrama continues on RHONY! Sonja has shed her bankruptcy debt and wants to celebrate with a girls trip to Turks and Caicos, but Bethenny says a scheduling conflict won’t allow her to attend. Kristen, still reeling from being dismissed by Bethenny, confronts her at a photoshoot for Luann’s Countess Collection which leaves Bethenny sobbing and hyperventilating. Later at a fashion party for Luann’s collection, Ramona lashes out at Kristen for getting in Bethenny’s business. And Carole confesses to having an erotic dream about Bethenny… 

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