Sonja Morgan’s Ex-Husband Admits To Owing Her $3 Million, But Won’t Pay!

Sonja Morgan - RHONY season 7 premiere party

Who wins the award for the shadiest ex? Why Sonja Morgan does! Sonja has been in the midst of finalizing her bankruptcy-exit plan, which includes battling a lawsuit from her former hubby, who also owes her millions. 

Sonja sold a French home, and had plans to turn over the value of her Colorado home to creditors when J.A. Morgan attempted to put a stop to that with a $6.2 million-dollar lawsuit claiming he deserved some of that money. Sonja fired back reminding him of that outstanding $3 million he never paid her to satisfy their divorce decree. Then she accused him of trying to invent laws after-the-fact. Luckily for Sonja the judge agreed with her and dismissed the lawsuit. 


The Real Housewives Of New York star’s bankruptcy-exit plan took effect June 9th and Sonja forked over $5.7 million from her French home, $1.2 million from Sonja’s savings, and $3.3 million from a refinanced mortgage on her New York townhouse. Sonja paid her main creditor, Hannibal Pictures, $6.95 million last week and then handed over $600,000 in cash, along with the deed on her Colorado home to American Home Mortgage Servicing. The Colorado home was listed for $5.8 million and Sonja was trying to avoid foreclosure proceedings. Sonja will pay two law firms $23,333 and $33,165 in six annual payments.

The plan was initially drafted and agreed upon last winter, but then Sonja’s ex decided to sue. However with everything in place and the board voting in Sonja’s favor, Mr. John A. Morgan agreed to relinquish the Telluride, Colo. home to lenders, despite initially voting against Sonja’s planned reorganization. He is apparently on the board of bankruptcy trustees? Conflict of interests much?? Or possibly he has a vested interest as a former co-owner of the properties? 

After exonerating himself from any liability on the property and being able to remove all personal items from the ski home (which included wine and bed sheets – monogrammed I presume), The Wall Street Journal reveals that Mr. Morgan ceased his formal objection and allowed the bankruptcy-exit to proceed. 

All of Mr. Morgan‘s other claims, including the lawsuit he filed, were “disallowed” by the judge and other trustees. Once all debts are satisfied Sonja’s bankruptcy will be closed. 

However Sonja is still fighting her ex-husband in other legal and financial matters. Sonja’s ex has been stalling on handing over the $3 million-dollar settlement for years, arguing he doesn’t owe Sonja a dime, but in bankruptcy court Mr. Morgan admitted he still owes Sonja the money but basically doesn’t plan to pay her!

Per the bankruptcy plan Sonja is “still owed $3 million as a result of the divorce but may never collect it. Mr. Morgan said he is ‘destitute, although he’s living on an island in the Long Island Sound.'” Because of his advanced-age, he apparently figures, why bother with satisfying debts or obeying the law. Court papers stated, “‘With JA Morgan approaching his mid-eighties, it appears he intends to live out his life without addressing his obligations under the Divorce Decree,’”HOW IS THAT LEGAL?! Hopefully in his will, Sonja will be able to collect on her due! 

Thankfully, Sonja does get to retain her NY townhouse free and clear – it is no longer listed for sale since the mortgage was obtained and creditors repaid. 

Man – Sonja is lucky to be free of that nut and her debts. Congratulations Sonja, and don’t go getting yourself in financial trouble again. Seek some solid advice – and not from an intern! 


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